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So all throughout my RPG career I always, for the most part, tend to lean to the good side, or the good guys. So naturally, when i started swtor, I became a Jedi Knight. I got to level 22 and I was sad that I didn't start on a PVP server. So I decided to work on another character until they implemented a server change so i could move to PVP.
You will be extremely unlikely to be able to move your character to a PvP server from a PvE server. It's basically never done in MMORPGs.

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Is there any good in the Empire? Do they have good morals, do they fight for a good cause? Can someone convince me that the Empire is right? Because as I play as this Sith Warrior and am forced to fight the Republic, it hurts me. Because I like the good guys.
Republic are hardly good guys, they have a very, very long list of misdeeds. The Empire certainly isn't "right" morally, they are basically out for revenge. Neither side has any moral highground to speak of, but even in it's corrupted state Republic is somewhat better than the Empire, although the galaxy's sentients deserve far better than either of these can give them.
Think of this: If you will play a Jedi or a Sith, now you will never get to take your apprentice to fight with you in flashpoints, warzones or raids. You will never face together any of the big end-game bosses.