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I'm playing Bounty Hunter (LS) right now, and even though I go to the Empire for money I will forfeit payment if they want me to do something against my morals.

Of course that's just one players choice, but through playing the Imperial side I've notice many NPCs who don't seem to be bad people. Before playing the game I considered the Empire to be pretty much evil, but now I see that it isn't that black and white.

For instance: The captain of the Black Talon- not a bad guy, very loyal to the Empire but doesn't want to go into a fight he thinks is impossible (doesn't want to be thrown away). If you coax him into it, he helps you as much as possible, and takes responsibility for his choices. Nice guy, being an Imperial officer is just his upbringing/job.

I ran into an Imperial military ground leader who was very concerned about her troops, etc.

As was mentioned above, parts of the Empire work well with the insane, only concerned with their one personal gain-type of people, but many of them are just there because it's what they were raised into and it's all they know.