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Quote: Originally Posted by Morkolas View Post
There are plenty of guides already on the forum, here is one I created in the beginning. Why reinvent the wheel twise?
Because there isn't a reliable search engine on the forums so things disappear in the flood of posts.

Also, your post contains inaccuracies.

At level 2 affection, between 2.000 and 3.999, a rank 1 gift will only give 50% affection points, at level 3 affection it provides 25% affection points and so on.
50% is right for gifts one rank below, but two ranks below it's 20%. For instance, a premium loved gift two ranks below the affection rank gives round(24*1*4*0.2)=round(19.2)=19 affection (base, premium multiplier, loved multiplier, multiplier for 2 ranks below).

You've also hosted it at a site which requires me to allow the page to run scripts just to see the page, and which even then doesn't work properly (for me) in Firefox (3.6.13).