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01.10.2012 , 06:33 AM | #16
I have a level 26? vanguard and a level 14 mercenary.

The vanguard I kinda regret. I wanted to tank and bought into the whole "ranged tank" hype, but the reality is that your key abilities are at the 4m - 10m range. And it just felt odd to me to be constantly running into melee to fire my rifle.

The mercenary is the exact opposite. It's lots of fun mowing down mobs with the twin pistols - the animations are very cool, IMO, and I love Death From Above. I know mechanically it's the same as Mortar Round but it's just so much more awesome looking. In fact, "more awesome looking" is probably a good capsule review of bounty hunter vs trooper.

Anyway, if you want to tank on one of the two classes, I would probably pick powertech over vanguard, as it seems like it would feel more inline with the character type. To me, the trooper should be sitting back and shooting, and that's the commando. The bounty hunter could go either way.