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When droids go long enough without a memory wipe, they start to develop very unique personalities.

Also, it could be an experiment. Testing how giving droids personalities on purpose would turn out.

The Sirius Cybernetics Corporation could invent a concept called Genuine People Personalities (GPP) which imbue their products with intelligence and emotion.

Then your droid could be anything they wanted to be... except use the Force.

IG-88 was a Bounty Hunter.
The typical battle droid could be seen as a Trooper.
Sophisticated assassin droid could be an Agent.
And a droid who stole his owner's ship and went... Solo... could be a Scoundrel.

However, I do think the "race/class unto itself" works better. Classes are somewhat regulated by the gear they can or can't use. If a squishy class could wear heavy armor (as most droid parts are) they wouldn't be as squishy.

Back in the old pen and paper days, we had an assassin droid who could swap chassis. So it could be R2 today, and 3P0 tomorrow...