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Possible companions for such a class could be animals, a Nexu for example.

And when you say it like that, all I could think about was HK-47, something along those lines.. The biggest problem I would see is customization, both in character creation and in-game equipment(but that can be fixed).

Otherwise I like the idea~ Could have one melee and one ranged advanced classes, names for those ACs I will not try to think about.
Utility droid and Combat droid as the two ACs? Also, I think droid companions fit better than animals.

So, the basic class would be "Droid", there could be 2 or 3 different 'race' options to provide the player with different types of chassis' to choose from (Big bulky look, protocol droid look, assassin droid look, etc.). I'd use heat or power/energy as the class resource.

Basic Class Abilities:
-Heavy Armor / Droid Armor
-Blaster Pistol
-'Modes', similar to jedi 'stances' that change how you fight, I'd probably have two modes for the base class:
Repair Mode: increases hitpoint regeneration in and out of combat, reduces damage dealt
Combat Mode: increases damage dealt

1st Advanced Class: Utility Droid - hybrid healer / tank
-Gains proficiency: shield generators
-Gains two 'modes':
Sentry Mode: Increases threat generation, armor, and sheild chance, reduces healing by 50%
Maintenance Mode: Increases healing dealt, reduces threat generated, increases resource regeneration rate
-Gains healing abilities
-Gains high threat damage abilities
-Gains defensive abilities
Utility droids would have much lower damage than any other class, but much higher survivability due to the combination of healing and tanking in one AC (which we dont see with any other class).

Talent Tree 1: Support Protocols - provides healing bonuses
Talent Tree 2: Defensive Protocols- provides tanking bonuses
Talent Tree 3 (shared): Advanced Programming - provides damage over time abilities and self-buffs

2nd Advanced Class: Combat Droid - Damage dealer
-Gains proficiencies: Blaster Rifles, Assault Cannons, Techblades, Techstaffs
-Gains two 'modes':
Siege Mode: Increases damage dealt with blaster pistols, blaster rifles, and assault cannons, reduces energy damage taken by 10%
Assassination Mode: Increases damage dealt with techblades and techstaffs, reduces kinetic damage taken by 10%
-Gains damage abilities with both ranged and melee weapons
A damage dealer that can alternate (out of combat) between melee and ranged roles.

Talent Tree 1: Assault Protocols - provides ranged combat bonuses
Talent Tree 2: Assassination Protocols - provides melee combat bonuses
Talent Tree 3 (shared): Advanced Programming - provides damage over time abilities and self-buffs

For the class' five companions...
1. Utility Droid (like t7), healer-type companion
-. Ship Droid (protocol droid used by either faction)
2. Probe Droid (like the imperial probe droids), ranged damage-dealer companion
3. Guard Droid (like those used near imperial and republic bases), melee tank companion
4. Assassination Droid (similar to hk-57 models or scorpio), melee damage-dealer companion
5. War Droid (Like m1-4x or similar three/four legged heavy war droids used by either faction), Ranged tank companion
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