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Ah, thanks for all the replies, people! I may have to try a bounty hunter. I'm a dude IRL and I'm straight, but I never objected to play female characters and romancing guys in Bioware games like Mass Effect or Dragon Age. I think that part of the fun of a video game is that you get to experience different...well...lives, and when I look for a good romance in a video game I don't always care about who I'm physically attracted to (since it is, after all, a freaking video game) but more whose personality I like the most and whose romance storyline I like the most.

The female bounty hunter one sounds really good. I don't like Mako's voice, I've only played a very tiny bit of male bounty hunter but Mako very much bugs me. I think that she has a really good past, though, so I'm curious as to whether or not her past is opened up as part of her character development during the romance storyline.

As for Kira Carsen I like her character a lot. She very much reminds me of a female version of Anakin Skywalker in Episode II...extremely cocky and casual, which I like, since that's the way I imagine all of my Jedi characters to be, despite still being light-sided. She actually reminds me a lot of Revan in the Bastila romance, as he is always teasing her. My only jedi knight character is a female but I've heard that the male is much more well voiced and that the Kira Carsen relationship is pretty good.

My only problem with playing bounty hunter, which appears to have very good relationships, is...yes, the lack of a light saber. I know that bounty hunters are ridiculously awesome in their own right, as are troopers, and I've even heard that troopers and bounty hunters are, according to many people, some of the best, most fun, and most powerful classes in the game...but there's nothing like tearing through enemies with a lightsaber and the force as opposed to just shooting people with guns. Is the Bounty Hunter storyline any good? I've heard it's pretty good but it just feels weird playing a Star Wars game with a non-force using class when really, the vast majority of the series, including movies, books, shows, and games, are centered around jedi and sith.

But I will definitely have to try the Bounty Hunter out. What are some other great romances, for those of you who have not posted here yet? :P