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I'll say firstly that I'm a female gamer, so most of my favorite romances are with the guys, sorry. I've tried a couple as a gender bender and just can't get into it. Although I may redo my SW tale and make her a him, only because I have completely ruined the story by reading some spoilers in regards Quinn, sigh. In the meantime, my favorites are focused on the smuggler and bounty hunter story lines.

Corso Riggs is a pure sweetie pie. The romance arc between him and the smuggler is fun and funny, pleasing and adorable. He's the kind of guy I could see giving everything there is for someone he loves and never once looking back on it with regret. He's loyal, giving, and protective. Just a very pleasing romance, that one.

Then there's Torian Cadera. He's the reason my bounty hunter ended up a female. I tried playing the BH as a fellow and Mako is nice enough. I can definitely see why she'd appeal to a guy. But Torian blew me away, as I was going along with my woman BH. Their first flirtation has her tossing him over her shoulder onto the ground and grunting out a complaining, "Men," to which he calmly lays there, looking up at her, saying, "I deserved that." It was awesome.

Of all the romances, the one between the bounty hunter and Torian just makes the most SENSE to me. They're both Mandolorians, both looking for much the same out of life, and both truly admire and respect the other. I've had not one single disappointing romance conversation with Torian as I've been leveling.

Haven't tried any of the Jedi yet. And I've heard next to nothing about the SI's arc with Andronikus Revel. Since the SI will probably be my next character, I'll have to see how that one works out. I will say Bioware continues to stun me with good storytelling. Makes it fun and engaging.
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