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Let's evaluate storylines we have played thus far. Also let us do it in fashion free of spoilers! If enough people bother replying, results can potentialy be pretty telling and great help when figuring out what to reroll.

Rate each storyline using numbers between 1 and 10, 1 being utter sith and 10 being greatest thing since Planescape. Please specify how much of the story you have experienced.
..and add nothing else! Don't tell why you thought the storyline is so bad/good so this remains readable to those who fear spoilers.
From what i've played,
Trooper; 9.5 for act one, 3 for act two, 2.5 for the rest.
Sith warrior; 8 for act one, 8.5 for the rest.
Sith inquisitor; 5 for act one, 3.5 for the rest
Jedi knight; 8 for act one, 9ish for the rest, the last act is great.