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I think they may be still pointing to the Guild HQs which don't exist anymore. Dink sent out an email to the guild leaders so we can send him a link to our recruiting threads (which he's attempting to use now). It could be that he's just not done updating the quiz. I'm sure this is a huge undertaking to say the least.
This is it exactly...we're in the process of updating everything, and although there may be a few wrong links in the meantime, they will be fixed soon.

Unfortunately I have yet to hear back from a large number of guilds with their updated information, and since today was the initial cutoff date for a response, I will be removing quite a few of them from the list of potential results. They won't be deleted, as we'll be attempting to contact each of them to gather their information, but they won't show up as a potential result in the meantime.

By January 31st, all guilds that have not responded (to the email I sent or through follow-up PM's) will be removed from the database.
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