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Agent Prologue: Great. The best introduction of any class quest. You get interesting characters, tough morale choices and finishes off with a massive twist few people likely saw coming. The central plots of each planet tie very nicely in with the Agent story as well.

Agent Chapter 1: Honestly? Rather drab. It felt very repetitive; Here is a terrorist cell on X planet, go and destroy it by killing the leader, repeat. The Aldeeran twist was nice though and the finale was suitably epic but I felt the 'surprise' on who the traitor was felt very predictable. Darth Zhorrid also vanishes into thin out without any explaination. The morale choices were also extremely grey during this Chapter and although that was always a reoccurring theme in the story anyway they took the forefront here.

Agent Chapter 2: I see what they tried to do, but it felt rather jarring. I am supposed to be infiltrating the SIS and I get that, but somehow they can ignore the main story quests where I basicly screwed the Republic out of rebuilding Taris and claimed Quesh and Hoth for the Empire? Yeeaahh, the main story felt very out of place here. I also felt we didn't really get enough interaction with the SIS team with the exception of Chance. The way the Empire is copped out of getting the Shadow Arsenal also felt contrived and done just to return the status quo.
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