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Thana Vesh should be a Universal companion for all Empire Players! She's a great compliment to the story and would work for all the classes IMO. Light or Dark, she would just submit to you ...would also make a nice romance option.
(Yes I know, this causes problem for republic players, as they want in on the pie too...but oh well).

For the naysayers...
She has a great character actually
-She plays hard to get and this only adds depth to her
-You should realize she actually listens to you (She does whatever Light/Dark side choices you want). She never outwardly tries to kill you or anything, she's just got a bit of an inferiority complex
-Shes actually a born-to-be-sith (sure you can turn the Sith Warrior companion evil but Ive heard that shes lame. Plus Sith Inquis, we can't really change anyone to dark side)
-She comes off arrogant, slightly one dimensional - but as the story progresses - you realize she's actually just an insecure sith. Pride & Insecurity go together you know
-Yeah you can choose to kill her or save her, that is a problem - I'm sure the quest chain can be retconned for people who want her as a companion or something
-The voice acting is essentially in the game already

Specifically due to my main being a Sith Inquisitor
-As a class inspired by palpatine, our inability to twist/turn someone to the darkside (ala anakin) is pretty disappointing. Especially because our character is constantly asking for his/her hand to be held by smarter people for guidance in the story.
-I'll just take Thana over Ashara, thanks.

Anyways, as a sith inquisitor - I feel robbed by my story in general. I'm at 45 and I've read the end story spoilers and it's still just a yawn for me. The companions suck, especially as a male. We get a buncha randoms including a mute dashade who just wants to eat as our first our only romance-able companion is a barbie Jedi who can't truly fall to the dark side. I don't think I'm the only Sith inquisitor player who thinks our story is just mediocre.
EDIT: after finishing the game and rolling an Agent alt, my impressions are the same, Sith Inquis story is lacking.

Her story arc here: