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Jedi Knight lvl 43... 10/10.. , or as i would call it KOTOR 3...

SPOILER>.. Really, though the moment I stepped on the Emperor's fortress,painstakingly fought my way into the throne room( the whole experience so similar to the Assault on the StarForge) into one of the awesome confrontation ever,.... I died and went to SW heaven.

Thats generally my entire sentiment, towards the game. And at no point did i feel I wasnt playing an RPG, outside of FPs and Heroics... and you can totally skip those and solo the whole thing...

Player population has been generally sparse, so almost no distraction, constant immersion....
This is a Bioware game. Bioware does story very well. If you do not want story, this is not the game for you. - KawaiiAngel
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