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Maybe it's too early for me to reply since I am still very early in the storylines, but I will anyway

Bounty Hunter 7.5/10...
(I am still on chapter 1). it's good, but in a way it's kind of mundane so far. Then again, it's also early so the Great Hunt might pick up a bit/ have a little more intrigue and twists and turns soon. I'd like to see this story a little darker too... time will tell.

Smuggler 9/10...
(I am still in chapter 1) I love that basically it's a high adventure--the stuff I would love to do in RL if I could live a carefree adventure and had a limitless bankroll to do it. It's truly a light hearted, carpe diem story! I basically play the Smuggler for the story lines (the Smuggler story and Corso's).
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