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01.03.2012 , 05:26 PM | #1
I'm not one to display my emotions so openly (especially on the internet), but I have to say this.
I became deeply saddened when I finished Vette's storyline along with my class quest. It was like everything just came to a sudden stop. As if finishing a book with the phrase:
I HATE that. I WANT to know what happens next.

I've tried leveling up the affection of other companions. All they do is talk. No missions. Nothing.
All you get is a taste of their back story, which is nothing compared to Vette's storyline.
I guess that's a given considering it has a lot more content, and that she's such a likable character.

Now that all the deep story is over, it feels like I'm playing WoW. Mindlessly doing dungeons, accepting quests by mashing space bar knowing that all the dialogue that comes from your character from now on is just recycled phrases.

Someone please tell me that they're going to do something about this. Making the other companions have a deeper story, and expanding on the ones you have finished.