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Reasons for the rolling access? (sincere question)

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Reasons for the rolling access? (sincere question)

Warchanter's Avatar

12.13.2011 , 04:33 PM | #1

So I was wondering, what are the reasons for this "early game access" (which is de facto launch as most people who care enough to start at launch pre-ordered)?

Server stability? Should that not have been tested a couple of weeks ago in the massive beta test? It was tested so the servers should work, right? In any case there should be fantastic amounts of technical resources put into the game anyway.

Over population of starting areas? Simply dedicate more instances (as there are several instances for each area on the same "server" iirc) to starting areas taking them from high level areas for launch. Not really a problem unless BW is lazy.

Benefits for the early pre-orders? Why would those be needed? And what about people who had to wait for getting their game shipped?

I mean.. I can't think of a real reason to prevent friends and guilds who pre-ordered on different times from starting together.

I mean Rift (which had.. umm... a million subs in the first week or something?) also had "early access" (de facto launch) and they had no problems fitting all the people in at the same time and the launch was actually EPIC because of the many people doing open world events.

So.. What do YOU think is the reason for this launch (and yes, whatever it is formally called, this is LAUNCH)?

P.S. While I know many will want to argue that this is "not launch", I'd be very grateful if you would provide other alternative reasons and not spam "this is not launch". Thanks!