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01.14.2012 , 06:24 PM | #41
Species/Race: Human

Name: Brad

Middle Name: Havoc

Last Name: Tarroc

Nickname: Lightmaker

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 29 BTC

Place of Birth: Nar Shaddaa

Age: 29

Height: 6'4

Weight: 167 Pounds

Hair Color/Style: Brown hair, clean with a small strand of hair messed up

Facial Appearance: A straight nose, a square jaw with a thin mouth. Has three scars runnig down his right eye and a tattoo of his seal on the left eye.

Eye Color: Blue

Body Appearance: Slender, semi-athletic

Home Planet: Korriban

Current Residence: Tatooine

Allegiance: Sith

Profession: Lord

Armor/Clothes: Long black cape with black pants. A helmet made for him by his apprentice. Black boots going to his lower knee. Red gloves with the seal of his family.

Primary Weapon(s): A blue lightsaber with a curved hilt.

Secondary Weapon(s): A red lightsaber

Miscellaneous Item(s): A blaster for sticky spots and a rag, containing his seal.

Backstory: ---- I'd rather not put alot, so ask him IC.

Companion: Fredar - Chell - A bounty hunter and a long-time friend of Brad.
The Drunken Order shall be one more!

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01.14.2012 , 11:08 PM | #42
Mando time

Species/Race: Mandalorian
Name: Kade
Middle Name: Unknown
Last Name: Rayor
Nickname: The Mandalorian
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Birth: Mandalore
Age: 35
Height: 6'3
Weight: 210
Hair Color/Style: Somewhat messy, brown
Facial Appearance: Average human
Eye Color: Lime
Body Appearance: Muscular
Home Planet: None
Current Residence: His ship, The Bloodhunter, a KDY Firespray
Allegiance: Mandalorian Clan Rayor
Profession: Mercenary, Assassin, Bounty Hunter
Armor/Clothes: Clan Rayor chieftain's armor
Primary Weapon(s): Blaster carbine, Phoenix
Secondary Weapon(s): Twin blaster pistols, sniper rifle
Miscellaneous Item(s): Clan Rayor neck chain, picture of himself with girlfriend
Companion(s): Ravvok (Sith Marauder ally), Kayla Avarus (Girlfriend), Virus (Droid partner)

Bio coming soon
Darth Ravvok
Carnage Marauder
<Ebon Hawk, U.S>

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01.17.2012 , 10:13 AM | #43
Haven't really RP'd but I play on an RP server, and actually have come up with some info about my character anyway.

Race/Gender: Human, Male

Firstname: Xeekei ('See-Kay' or 'Zee-Kay')

Middlename: N/A

Surname: N/A

Nickname: Sometimes referred to as 'The Dark Killer' by people who fear him.

Height: 181 cm.

Weight/Bodytype: 84 kg, athletic, muscled.

Hair colour/Hair style: Very dark brown (Appears black), long scruffy hair (The 'emo-look')

Eyes: Bright green naturally, yellow when tapped into the dark side.

Skin: Caucassian, but not that pale for a corrupted sith. Wears red face tattoos. Burnmarks/scars on the left side of his face.

Place of birth: Kaas City (Presumably)

Date of birth: N/A

Age: Circa 21-22 (Presumably)

Place of residence: His Imperial Fury-class ship, that he just calls "The Fury".

Profession: Sith Warrior

Allegiance: Sith Empire

Primary weapon: Red bladed lightsabre with black coloured hilt, not curved, and no spikes sticking out.

Secondary weapon: Identical lightsabre to the primary one.

Clothes/Armour: Black hooded robe with red accents and stripes, black tight pants with some protective pads, metallic knee-high boots, gauntlets that reaches the elbows, and some minor pads over his chest. A belt to fasten his lightsabres to. Sometimes wears a helmet that covers his whole head, but rarely.

Bio: Xeekei was left to survive on his own in the dark and wet streets of Kaas City at a very young age, never really knew his parents; doesn't even remember their faces or names.
Xeekei discovered he could move things with his mind, but didn't know why or how. He used this gift to steal food and money so he wouldn't starve, but one time he got caught.
The Imperial Troopers had pinned him down, but his telekinetic abilities was remarkable and he fought them all of. Before no one got severly hurt though, a Sith Lord whom had sensed the boys presence arrived at the scene, and ordered the shocked Troopers away. The Sith Lord noticed his wristband that just said 'Xeekei', unknowing of its meaning, he suggested this as the boy's name.
Xeekei was then brought to Korriban, where he excelled, especially in the use of telekinesis.
Xeekei also favoured the use of two lightsabres in combat, argued that the weakness of one-handed blows could easily be overcome by the use of telekinesis. He also argued that the dual-bladed lightsabres where poor due to the blades always facing away from each other, so you could never use both blades against the opponent at the same time.

Xeekei grew strong with the force, and became a skilled dual-wielding duelist, he considered himself weak with just one blade, but was in fact above avarage even then. Favoured the Juyo form when single-wielding.

Later in life he became known for using the 'Force Crush' ability to kill and torment, instead of the more iconic abilities 'Force Choke' and 'Force Lightning' that many Sith used. Many Imperials feared extra for disappointing him due to this, since it 'seemed' more painful.

He is now known as Lord Xeekei

(All I got so far, thank you for reading)
Name: Xeekei
Race: Human
Class: Sith Marauder
Server: Lord Calypho

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01.19.2012 , 02:52 PM | #44
Species/Race: Twi'lek
Name: Kharma
Last Name: Bhadra'kali
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Rylok
Current Residence: Korriban


Kharma Bhadra’kali rose from a mere Twi’lek slave to become Sith and eventually held a seat upon the Dark Council as a glorious Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Kharma. Her power within the empire grew into a great legacy. She employed a thorough team of minions, including a Chiss Bounty Hunter, a Cyborg Agent, a Sith Warrior and a Rataki Sorcerer.

Kharma Bhadra’kali was recruited by the Sith Order after Lord Zash heard rumors of her great power. News of some very disturbing events which took place on Rylok in the outer rim traveled to just the right ears. Kharma’s path to power began the day she had been sold to a brutal bounty hunter. The bounty hunter had business on her planet before departing and wanted to ensure that she knew her place. He beat Kharma repeatedly before taking his leave. Left alone in her new quarters Kharma allowed her rage to consume her, escaping the pain of the brutal beatings, she focused her attention on the anger she felt and her passion for power.

Through the use of her Lekku she communicated with several other Twi’lek slaves upon his ship what her intentions were and discovered that one knew how to fly the D5 Mantis. When the Bounty Hunter arrived in her quarters to introduce himself to her in what he felt was the ‘proper’ way to greet a new slave she unleashed a violent storm of lightning directly into his chest. The Twi’lek pilot advised he had family on Korriban and contacted them to find safe passage. The transmission was intercepted by Lord Zash’s agent who immediately delivered the tale he had heard directly to her. Lord Zash was impressed with Kharma’s audacity… and sensed a great darkness and power within her. She arranged for the D5 Mantis to be intercepted and thus began Kharma’s journey with the Sith Academy.

Kharma proved herself in trials and overcame her master in power and strength. She discovered that she was the direct descendant of Aloysius Kallig. Kharma received the lightsaber of Lord Kallig after meeting him in the Dark Temple and with his aid rose beyond every challenge which she faced. She was able to master a dangerous ritual known as forcewalking. Through forcewalking Kharma bound ghosts to her granting great power but driving her mind to become fractioned and broken. Her awareness that peace is a lie granted her more passion through the chaos that had become her mind. She channeled that into a great strength and sought healing rituals on Voss. In the face of madness and death Kharma felt humbled by the great mystics on Voss. She spent a great deal of time in the Temple of Healing learning of a nightmare land ritual she would need to perform with a dreamwalking Gormak. She grew strong in her practice and was able to complete the ritual. She returned to face Darth Thanaton, who had been trying to kill her for some time after she defeated Lord Zash. She prevailed in the battle and was invited to take seat upon the great Dark Council as Darth Kharma.

Today Kharma provides guidance to several apprentices and employs agents within the Empire to serve her and the Dark Council. She is well known across the land and feared by many. Kharma Bhadra’kali is known across the galaxy as The Goddess of Darkness.

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01.20.2012 , 06:32 PM | #45
Species/Race: Human
Name: Balkito
Middle Name:
Last Name: -Removed by Character-
Nickname: Balk or Bal
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: -Unknown-
Place of Birth: Ord Mantell
Age: 26 (Approximately)
Height: 6 feet, 5 inches
Weight: 310 pounds
Hair Color/Style: Buzzed, with four rows of stubble
Facial Appearance: Strong jawline, with a broad chin and slightly gaunt cheeks. Low brow-line, curving into a hooked nose, which leads to thin lips. His face is unaffected by any Dark-side corruption, other than a dark-red tattoo, more akin to a brand, above his right eye. A burning red scar lances across his face, reaching from above his right eye to a few inches above the left corner of his mouth.
Eye Color: Grey-Blue
Body Appearance: Muscular and tall, with more muscles focused on his arms and chest, but still a significant amount in his legs.
Home Planet: Dromund Kaas
Current Residence: None
Allegiance: Sith Order (Formerly Jedi Order), Empire
Stance on Allegiance: Begrudgingly tolerates the Empire, so he can keep relations with the Sith, who he prefers greatly over the Jedi Order.
Profession: Juggernaut
Armor/Clothes: Generally heavy armor, with a focus on protection first, and flexibility second.
Primary Weapon(s): Lightsaber with a blue color crystal
Secondary Weapon(s): The Force
Miscellaneous Item(s): None

Biography: Balkito was found in a basket, bundled up in blankets, on the doorstep of a small orphanage in a farming village on the countryside of Ord Mantell's mainland. The orphanage was his home for years, becoming all he knew, and he never expected to make much of his life. To his surprise, and the surprise of his 'foster parent', his expectations would turn out to die.

A Jedi, a Knight named Hargus Kis had visited Ord Mantell, on a journey of some importance he was given through a vision that compelled him to solve its riddle. During the journey, he stopped in the village for food and supplies, and spied Balkito laboring to repair the damaged orphanage, being the oldest orphan at the time, with the age of 13. The scrawny orphan caught the Knight's eye, for his eyes held secrets that whispered to the Jedi, and he could feel the Force hang around the orphan like a thin veil, barely noticeable.

His aptitude was lesser than most Padawans, but the Knight could tell Balkito had a heart that would more than make up for it. Before night fell, the orphan was in Hargus's care, and he had an itching feeling that this was the task his vision had set before him. So, when light scared the shadows back in the morning, Balkito went with Hargus to the Jedi Temple, where his training began.

Hargus eventually became a Jedi Master, and Balkito a Padawan, and then a Knight. His hold on the Force stayed somewhat weaker than his peers, but he was stronger, tougher, and faster than them. His fierce determination to make the most of the gift he was given forged him as a mighty fighter.

But his heart also led him to a dark path, that the Order looked down upon.

Balkito fell in love with a Padawan, and she reciprocated the feelings. They visited in secret for a few weeks, before Hargus acted upon his overwhelming suspicions, discovering Balkito's error.

The punishment was harsh, sever, and swift. The Padawan was nearly removed from the Order, and Balkito was punished just as terribly. Before the decree could be delivered, Balkito devised a plan to leave the Order, and came to the Padawan with it.

Hargus burst forth while Balkito spoke, and ordered him to receive the punishment. In anger, fear, and a sudden overwhelming hate of the Jedi Order, Balkito drew his saber, and fought his master.

Before he could deliver the killing blow, the Padawan he had given his heart to made her choice, and deflected his saber with the Force, tossing him off balance and preventing his opponent's death.

Taking the opening, Hargus dealt a glancing blow across Balkito's face, staggering the Knight. With a mighty heave, the Master tossed his student through the large window of the room they had fought in, down the cliffs the building sat upon. The brutal ground was unforgiving, but the fire in Balkito's heart grasped onto the life he had left.

And Hargus knew it. He decided against acting upon his knowledge, deeming the Knight sufficiently beaten that he would not seek revenge.

The master was right, to an extent, Balkito did not seek revenge, deciding to flee and bide his time. He hopped a freighter off the planet, but his luck didn't mend itself, as a band of pirates boarded and invaded the vessel. Being the only fighter on the ship, Balkito fought valiantly, slaying two dozen pirates before he was overtaken by fatigue, and captured. The captain decided it would be wiser to enslave the Jedi, and sell him to the Sith, to torture information from him.

The decision proved to be the crew's downfall, as Balkito broke his bonds and slaughtered his way to the captain, and dealt the killing blow, hours before the Sith envoy arrived.

When the Sith did arrive, he was astonished by the bloodbath that met him, and he knew that the Jedi would be a valuable asset, and offered to take him under his wing, to join the Sith. After a moment of consideration, Balkito accepted, eager to deal any blow he could to the Order that scorned him.

As the former-Knight learned the ways of the Sith, he realized the message they held, and their code, was incredible. Power through emotion, struck a chord in him, and he realized that it encompassed all emotions, including love, the very thing which the Jedi scorned.

His path sealed, Balkito ventured forth, to join the ranks of the Sith Order, the message they taught ringing in his heart, despite his peers darker interpretations of it.

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01.21.2012 , 12:09 PM | #46
Species/Race: Human
Name: Orron
Middle Name: N/A
Last Name: Kais
Nickname: N/A
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 3671 BBY/ 18 BTC
Place of Birth: Nar Shaddaa
Age: 30
Height: 6 Ft 1
Weight: 15 Stone
Hair Color/Style: Dark brown/ tied back dreadlocks
Facial Appearance: Long face, Goatee beard.
Eye Color: brown
Body Appearance: broad shoulders,
Home Planet: Nar Shaddaa
Current Residence: Alderaan
Allegiance: Mercenary (currently being employed by a grey Jedi)
Profession: Trooper
Armor/Clothes: Light armor
Primary Weapon(s): Heavy blaster cannon
Secondary Weapon(s): Duel blaster pistols
Miscellaneous Item(s): Comm link, Plasma grenades.

Biography: Orron kais was Discharged from the republic military for assassinating his commanding officer when being paid by a separatist, a grey Jedi then employed him due to the desperation of the republic, Orron was assigned to finding a Jedi who had went missing on Alderaan.

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01.22.2012 , 06:33 PM | #47
Species/Race: Twi´lek
Name: Las´rin
Middle Name:-
Last Name:-
Nickname: The Outlaw
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Birth: Ryloth
Hair Color/Style: Headress
Facial Appearance: Scar on lower cheek
Eye Color: Blue
Body Appearance: Atlethic
Home Planet: Ryloth
Current Residence: XS Custom Freighter
Allegiance: Freelance
Profession: Smuggler
Armor/Clothes: light armor and trenchcoat
Primary Weapon(s): Blasters
Secondary Weapon(s): ..mainly wits..
Miscellaneous Item(s):

Biography: "Some claim to know her,owe her a debt,their lives even,most of them were beaten in sabacc and wish her dead..the truth however remains shrouded in mistery..the past of this free spirit is indeed a deadly enigma.The infamous Captain Las´rin was born on Ryloth,there are records of her father dying from a disease and her mother selling her to slavery as was usual in the Twi´lek culture,perhaps hoping she would serve a rich and generous master..the youngling Las´rin however wasnt so lucky;she was sold to a devaronian slimo who ran an arena of death matches,originally she was being groomed for prostituion but her rebel nature spoke lowder than her exotic beauty and after many beatings she entered the arena games as punishment and was forced to survive..
Many claim that those deadly years molded the woman we see today,that her childhood was taken from her from so many days of fighting and replaced by a cold creature..they say she became ruthless,that she bit the head off a droid,she murdered a mandalorian with her bare hands and even battled a sith initiate..those are probably rumours,but she did indeed bacome quite the formidable fighter and expert gunslinger,in thruth she was bidding her time and when the time came she struck at her handler and escaped..loathing the empire for its dark ways that remainded her of those earlier years and disgusted by the republic who now wanted her in shackles for killing her captor,for issuing a warrant,protecting that slimo and condeming her for merely taking her rightfull justice.
The vasteness of the universe overwhelmed her and in her late teens she was forced to resort to stealing and crime to get by..surprisingly she was good at it and became quite the smuggler,never taking a side,knowing the worth of credits spoke louder than ethereal morals and hokey religions,in the following years her name would be spoken to as a woman who made the impossible possible,but the truth however is never clear whe talking about Las´rin and..i really dont want to ask her about her past myself..."

-Nico Okarr

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01.24.2012 , 01:34 AM | #48
Species/Race: Human

Name: Jet

Middle Name: N/A

Last Name: Red'Hawk

Nickname: The Soaring Firebird

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 25 BTC

Place of Birth: Alderaan

Age: 23

Height: 6'3"

Weight: Around 140 lbs.

Hair Color/Style: Blonde, Spiked

Facial Appearance: Scar on left eye (Slashed)

Eye Color: Green

Body Appearance: Athletic

Home Planet: Ord Mantell

Current Residence: Alderaan

Allegiance: Republic

Profession: Commando Trooper

Armor/Clothes: Heavy Armor

Primary Weapon(s): Dual Pistols, Fire and Ice

Secondary Weapon(s): Heavy Cannon/Blaster, Big Boom

Miscellaneous Item(s): Sticky Grenades

Companion Characters:
>Flix Raze - Jet's childhood friend and fellow trooper.
>V3-F7 - Jet's clumsy but loyal droid.

Vehicle: BT-7 Thunderclap he named "Blaze Tank"

Biography: Ask him IC.
"Fame can get pretty freaky sometimes."
PIDGE, Voltron Force

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01.24.2012 , 09:43 PM | #49
Species/Race: Human/Cyborg
Name: William
Middle Name: N/A
Last Name: Shaffer
Nickname: "Shaffer"
Gender: Male
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Age: 32
Height: 5'11
Weight: 141 lbs
Hair Color/Style: blonde, neat cut with some small sideburns
Facial Appearance: Aside from his robotic eyes, remarkably unremarkable.
Eye Color: None
Body Appearance: Small, skinny
Home Planet: Ord Mantell
Current Residence: Coruscant
Allegiance: Republic, SIS
Profession: Undercover Agent in local gangs
Armor/Clothes: A light Cerean Bantha Hide Vest, some tight gloves, and a smuggler-esque belt.
Primary Weapon(s): Two Ion Blasters
Secondary Weapon(s): A gutting knife
Miscellaneous Item(s): His fist

Biography: WIP

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01.25.2012 , 12:08 AM | #50
My agent:

Species/Race: Chiss

Name: Corrahn

Middle Name: Unknown

Last Name: Kavar

Nickname: Longshot

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: Unknown

Place of Birth: Dromund Kaas

Age: 28

Height: 6'1

Weight: 210 lbs

Hair Color/Style: Flat, black hair

Facial Appearance: Lightsaber scar on right side

Eye Color: Red

Body Appearance: Athletic

Home Planet: Dromund Kaas

Current Residence: His ship, Seeker

Allegiance: The Empire

Profession: Sniper

Armor/Clothes: High-Ranking Sniper Armor

Primary Weapon(s): Sniper Rifle

Secondary Weapon(s): Blaster Pistol, Grenade Belt

Miscellaneous Item(s): Locket with a picture of him and Liyla


Companions: Liyla (Miralian female, Corrahn's girlfriend), Kade Rayor (Mandalorian male, Bounty Hunter Associate)
Darth Ravvok
Carnage Marauder
<Ebon Hawk, U.S>