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In Game Companion Additions

TikaShaDeiMah's Avatar

08.28.2014 , 09:16 AM | #1
Hello, since am unable to post in the DEV tracker area am posting here. Several worlds offer "taxis" and many show 2 seaters. Is there a way to add say, your current companion to the 2nd seat and while going from place to place have a conversation of sorts. It's just a thought, one that I got while Taxiing around Courascant and Nar Shaddah taxi's. Would be fun to see your companion sitting there with you going from place to place. I mean they got on with you, so why not show them riding with you.
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08.29.2014 , 09:02 PM | #2
I thought about that during SWTOR's 1st year. My nephew and I were teaming up and we thought it would be cool to see your companion riding shotgun with you in the taxi or on the back of the taxi speeder bike. While we are at it, why not put you companion on the back of your personal speeder with you too. Thank you for your post submission.
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