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Lightning/TK AoE is dull now in 2.7 :((

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Lightning/TK AoE is dull now in 2.7 :((

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04.14.2014 , 11:27 AM | #1
BW did a good job for the single target dps for both specs, esp lightning, love it, good move, less RnG is good for the bread and butter aspect of combat i.e. single target but with 0 it loses fun and spontaenuity. AoE rotation is the perfect place for that because it's not as crucial and as often used as single target and it has always been one of the fun areas of dpsing.

So AoE change to lightning in 2.7, I think was the wrong move to alter it like that, in line with the single target. yes, I'm referring to how Lightning Storm (LS) no longer uses a separate rate limit with force storm (FS). I really feel they should revert the force storm bit to 2.6 i.e. 20% chance for FS to proc LS on a separate rate limit, OR alternatively, Force Storm should also reduce the activation time of Chain Lightning by something like 0.5 secs every time it does damage.

As it is now, it's not good news, I feel:
  • It has made Lightning spec more bland, less interesting, and more 1-dimensional
  • Reduced the main fun of the spec. The multi-procs was fun and unique (and i play ALL classes)
  • The Lightning aoe feels a lot more like Madness aoe than before, also not good. (increasing that sameness feel)
  • The multi-capacity spec of the sorc has its skill set reduced even further, quite limiting
  • Like it has lost a component of it's aoe even though it hasn't really.
  • Un-necessary - i saw no changes to Merc/Commando, Smuggler/Agent AoEs - which remain something like 5-6 per spec with only GS/Sniper aoe getting a slight nerf in 2.6 which was not a functionality nerf, but a damage nerf, but neither BH/Trooper specs got any change there.

You see this changed has not only nerfed the damage, but more importantly the functionality of the AoE, and that's what has made it just less intersting, I really hope this gets reverted and rather we see a more intersesting improvement to AoE on that spec
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04.14.2014 , 01:36 PM | #2
Quote: Originally Posted by Macetheace View Post
[*]Reduced the main fun of the spec. The multi-procs was fun and unique (and i play ALL classes)
And you calculate the Root of the number Pi just for fun ?

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