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Need help starting the gearing process

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Need help starting the gearing process

tpolhemus's Avatar

03.27.2014 , 08:08 PM | #1
A couple quick notes:
I am currently a lvl 54 sage on Harbinger and looking to get properly geared for PVP.
I have read both of the stickies many times and do not have questions on gear progression or acquiring comms, etc.

I am very close to maxing out both my ranked and unranked comms and I will definitely be there by the time 2.7 hits.

Before then however I want to get a set of adaptive or other gear completely augmented for when 2.7 hits. I currently have around 1 mil credits from crafting and making the rest of the money shouldn't be a big deal. However, the gear I'm wearing now is pretty ugly. I don't want to spend the credits augmenting my current set up just to have to re augment the new second tier of pvp gear.

What does everyone usually do in this scenario? Should i just suck it up and buy a cartel market set? But then it won't have a set bonus and I'll be re augmenting a new set in the future.

In summary, after all my ranting I am asking what gear I should and acquire in preparation for 2.7.


teclado's Avatar

03.27.2014 , 09:19 PM | #2
Regarding the set bonus: it is tied to the mods. So, you can just get a set of modifiable orange / purple / cartel gear that you like the looks of, augment it, pull mods from the obroan stuff (when you get it), and put the mods in your augmented gear. You will still get the pvp set bonus.
Malovo - Marauder

tpolhemus's Avatar

03.27.2014 , 11:09 PM | #3
I didn't realize it worked like that. Thank you

BobaFaceroll's Avatar

03.28.2014 , 08:41 AM | #4
Yes, the set bonus is tied to the Armoring in a piece of PvP gear. It will move to your new, far more attractive, shells. Feel free to add augment kits and augments and have something ready to go when you hit 55. You pull everything out of the unrated piece, stick it in your pretty gear, and keep the empty unranked shell (both armor and weapon). When you are ready to buy the ranked version take the empty shell and buy your ranked piece. The vendor doesn't care if it's empty or has all the mods installed...he just wants the unranked shell as part of the price.

You can also bank unranked comms in the form of PvP weapons before you hit 55. Buy a PvP weapon for 900 comms and you have 2 hours to turn it in for a full refund. You can fill your bags with as many weapons as you like so long as you sell them back every two hours and buy a fresh one to reset the timer. You can hit 55 with significantly more than 2750 unranked comms...enough to buy a full set of unranked everything if you stash enough weapons. I like to do this when an alt is 54. Stay on fleet, stop questing, level to 55 entirely via PvP. It's not hard to have a dozen PvP weapons stashed when you level.

Just remember to...
1) Sell weapons back before the timer runs out!
2) Don't sell back a weapon when you have less than 900 comms worth of space below the 2750 cap. Anything extra is lost when you get your refund. I generally buy a "fresh" weapon, sell back an old one with a ticking timer, buy a "fresh" one, and so forth. You'll get the hang of it, just take your time to avoid mistakes.

Vodrin's Avatar

03.28.2014 , 09:20 AM | #5
Using orange shells also prevents you from having to re-augment when you upgrade to the next tier of PvP gear. Sadly you will still have to re-augment earpieces, implants, and relics.

Also be aware that getting a full set of augments will be a bigger upgrade than going from Bolster to PvP gear.

cycao's Avatar

03.28.2014 , 09:27 AM | #6
Do not, I repeat do not buy any gear until 2.7, it will be a waste of comms.

Ottoattack's Avatar

03.28.2014 , 03:48 PM | #7
Quote: Originally Posted by cycao View Post
Do not, I repeat do not buy any gear until 2.7, it will be a waste of comms.
As Cycao mentioned, I would save comms till 2.7.

I would recommend for gearing. Fyi, PvP weapons will be BiS in 2.7

Additional notes, stims and augments have the biggest impact on your stats. Make sure you are always stimmed and then select modable gear you like and aug it (you just remove and replace mods from PvP gear to your gear equipped). As long as your augged and stimmed, the delta in performance between all gear (including PvE) is less than 10%. Do not ever mix and match PvP and PvE mods/enh/armor in the same piece.

tpolhemus's Avatar

03.28.2014 , 06:33 PM | #8
Thanks for all the advice.

I will be augmenting orange gear and running with bolster until 2.7. The unfortunate part is that I won't have PVP relics until then and I also need to replace most of my gear considering I have pretty much all purple 66 mods which apparently have diminishing returns with bolster.