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GSF Thoughts and Recommendations

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GSF Thoughts and Recommendations

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02.13.2014 , 07:38 AM | #1
I love GSF! Yes. I am a fan boy now!

Here is my balanced perspective on GSF.

For people not used to flying in 3D space, it can be frustrating at first. It gets easier! See below!

I do not know if it is design or dumb luck, but GSF has something for almost any type of player. What I mean by that do not need to be young and have an awesome twitch and reflexes to do well. There are ships for all types of players. It gives aging and older players a great way to add to the force and not just be cannon fodder for the overloaded blaster scout pilots, some of whom are now pissed that the game is not so easy for them anymore.

If you are a new player, then I recommend reading and learning about the mechanics of GSF. Learn the controls. And more importantly, learn how to take and keep a control point. Hint: You need to circle close to the satellites in order to activate them and in order to activate their defense turrets. How close? It depends on your sensor focus range, but when you are close enough, you see a green shield around your ship.

Here are some of the controls:

F1: power to blaster increases direct fire weapon damage and weapon power pool at the expense of shields and engine
F2: power to shields increases shield power and regen at the expense of weapons and engines
F3: power to engines increases engine power and regen at the expense of weapons and shields
F4: normal power to all systems

C: quick check at your target. This changes your view to look at your target while the "C" key is pressed.
R: target the last enemy that fired at you
<tab>: cycle thru the closest targets
E: target what is close to reticle

X: brings you to a complete stop

When starting out, learn to fly in 3D space by circling the satellites. You need to hug them in order to capture them. Sensor focus range seems to increase the range with which you interact with them. When you are comfortable zooming all around the satellites, then learn to kill their turrets; Stationary targets are much easier to hit than moving.

Learn about your crew. Crew selection is almost as important as your loadout selection.

The different ships provide different challenges to the pilot. I highly recommend playing them all and see which fit your playstyle. If you love to dogfight, then a strike fighter, scout or bomber is for you. If you are ok with direct fire but not that great, then strike fighter may be your ticket with their missiles and blasters. If you like lining up circles and getting blown up when people notice you, then a gunship might be for you. And if you are horrible at direct fire, don't mind being a sitting duck for roving scout squadrons as you travel between satellites, then a bomber might be your choice, as you can drop bombs and provide support without having to shoot straight.

Watch some youtube videos. None of them are awesome IMHO, but they do provide you with some insight. Dulfy has some of the best videos overall and her site is awesome with information.

I have played all types of ships. I have fully upgraded scout and gunship. Working on the other ships. I play on Jedi Covenant under Dinkeria/Dinkerus for Imp/Pub respectively.