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Why I love the 2 patch GSF Expansion

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Why I love the 2 patch GSF Expansion

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02.05.2014 , 01:02 AM | #1
I'm seeing a lot of complaining, and have since the first patch of the expansion. As someone who clearly sees this stuff differently than the vocal minority, I wanted to put my opinion out into the ether.

Our first expansion, which brought us Makeb, and a raised level cap, was clearly one aimed at endgame players. It have them new levels to gain, gear to obtain , and challenges to overcome.

The second one is not for those players. It's for players who haven't yet reached endgame. Or for players like myself, altaholics, who have hit endgame on multiple characters and keep going back for more. Leveling additional characters, to experience different gameplay, see the other stories, and unlock legacy bonuses.

For us, this expansion is a blessing. The new flashpoint gives us a leveling flashpoint who's queue should pop much more frequently than others (assuming an equal number of people queuing). One with an accompanying rep track, the only non-event, non-cartel pack one we can really work on while leveling. Between this and the space PVP combat, we have been given two great new options to break up the old leveling grind. One each for PVE and PVP players. Options are great for altaholics, who are largely repeating the same content in side missions and planet arcs while leveling.

I do wish that the expansion hadn't eaten two of our content patches, but overall I am quite happy with what they have given us.