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So, how about these Tactical Flashpoints, huh?

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So, how about these Tactical Flashpoints, huh?

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02.03.2014 , 09:48 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by kodrac View Post
Marauders rejoice!
I seen what you done there.

OT, I think these will be a fun distraction, but for me, non challenging content just doesn't get much replay-ability.
I was really hoping they would tweak Lost Island and Kaon to nightmarish difficulty level 55 and have them in their own tier again for the rakgoul return, or I'd be happy for them just to be tuned to 55 with all the original mechanics in place.

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02.03.2014 , 10:09 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by Chicktopus View Post
What do you guys think? A role-less Flashpoint which scales to level and group size is something I was hoping for when the game was released -- I'm really rather chuffed they're bringing this feature in.

As an aside, what does this 'role-less' functionality say about the future of the game? Indeed, does it say anything? Are we looking at a future where the trinity is slowly phased out in lieu of faster queues and and freedom of specialisation? Would you guys be cool with that?

Thoughts, predictions. Let's get this ball rollin'.
If the Czerka FPs are any indicator, Tactical may as well mean: go in, kills mobs and a boss or three for no particular reason other than you need comms (don't ever expect the great story arcs in FPs up and through Lost Island), and now you don't even need to know how to play your class.

Created on the cheap and catering to the hurry-through-as-quickly-as-possible audience. Which, by the way, I believe ends up with players leaving your game, BW, at a much higher rate because they don't actually have a unique product to appreciate, after what was initially produced.

I would love to be completely wrong when the upcoming three are actually decent and up-to-par with the FPs that SWTOR launched with. From PTS, the one in 2.6 is not. The scenarios just kind of end without resolution as to why you concluded the final one you do.

Think about stand-alone FPs like Directive 7, or linked FPs, such as the faction-specific ones in the 30s, or Battle of Ilum and False Emperor at 50. Then compare them to Czerka, and especially Meltdown. The later felt tacked on to the first half, which wasn't completely finished and was supposed to be "Titans of Industry." We never saw a release of "Imperial Warlord" and likely never will.

When BW abandoned Class Story, I didn't realize it also meant generally disregarding story because it adds some cost to the production.

Based on today's post, I'm only looking forward to the new planet, and the big announcement at year's end. Might be a large expansion for SWTOR (really unlikely), might be KOTOR 3 for BioWare story fans, and to get more people to try out SWTOR, or something else entirely.

The current approach by EA doesn't seem to be invested in retaining long-time SWTOR players.

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02.03.2014 , 11:19 PM | #13
I have a bad feeling about this. I hope they don't turn ops into this thing as well


02.03.2014 , 11:29 PM | #14
Quote: Originally Posted by tanerb View Post
I have a bad feeling about this. I hope they don't turn ops into this thing as well
HM/NIM will always be part of the game, why not let casuals enjoy **** too? It won't bother either type of player so why worry about stupid **** like this?

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02.03.2014 , 11:49 PM | #15
Quote: Originally Posted by Suzina View Post
This is a new "type" of flashpoint. So you're looking at at least 3 of these.

They went in this direction with the czerka flashpoints. If I recall those were "role neutral" but did not carry the bolster mechanic.

From PTS, I think think they allowed us to que in either 1-30 bracket or 31-55 bracket for the new flashpoint. I don't think a very low level can group with a max level and que together. If I recall these flashpoints were easier than "hard mode" flashpoints but rewarded ultimate comms for doing a weekly for them, but I'm not sure I remember.
actually the bracket is 15-54 and 55. someone at level 15 can group up with someone at level 54 and still do fine as the entire fp is bolstered to 55 anyway.

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02.04.2014 , 03:06 AM | #16
i understand that dps dont want those long ques but this to me is dumbing down the game .
no need for tactics or awareness etc just run in and kill stuff, a mechanic were you learn absolutly nothing.

so ye as an old scool gamer im not a big fan of this solution i want something that challange me and this aint gonna do that
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02.04.2014 , 03:24 AM | #17
Well its a seperate queue for this so if you dont like it, don't queue for it.

Personly I think its an interesting way to get more content and do more flashpoints while leveling. Beats doing those boring sidequests which is kind of needed for DPS characters as it is, because they cant get a flashpoint often enough.
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02.04.2014 , 03:55 AM | #18
Quote: Originally Posted by tanerb View Post
I have a bad feeling about this. I hope they don't turn ops into this thing as well
In a way I think they should.

Especially if they're going to tie story to ops progression like they did on Oricon.

Yes SM is easy but it's a major drag to pug it with the tank/healer requirements and it's not THAT easy. When it came out it took me 3 weeks of pugging it on my imp alt to finally get a group that didn't fall apart at the council. Yea yea, get a guild. I had a guild on pub side doing it in HM tyvm, I didn't and don't want an imp guild to run content with, I just wanted to see the planet story on the imp side.

So a tactical ops in LFG, there just to allow people to do the story (and possibly wet their appetite for proper endgame) would be just what the doctor ordered imo.

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02.04.2014 , 08:27 AM | #19
I dont get it... If you dont need a healer or tank, then Tactical Flashpoints is easier than H4 or even H2 heroic?
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02.04.2014 , 08:31 AM | #20
I am posting on behalf of Red, a guild mate who cannot post here:

IMHO this is a much needed change to the themepark MMO genre. I mean the feature BW obviously dared to innovate, which is THE BOLSTER!

Because this mechanic not only mitigates, but totally sidesteps the curse of themepark MMOs called "vertical leveling", which separates players and keeps them from coming together. (Regardless of end-content or level phase - as item spiral never ends.)

Just leave the trinity alone. Trinity makes sense - abandoning it has done no good to games that tried it. What totally sucks about trinity is that I am not allowed to work on more than one role with my char and cannot flexibly switch to the one needed in a group, thus further keeping people from uniting.