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Class Rep Program: Dead or Alive?

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Class Rep Program: Dead or Alive?

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01.27.2014 , 01:04 AM | #1

Anyone know?
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01.27.2014 , 01:08 AM | #2
Eric wrote that he wants to start the program again "soon", I think after 2.6
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01.27.2014 , 01:10 AM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by Aries_cz View Post
Eric wrote that he wants to start the program again "soon", I think after 2.6
Yeah thats the last thing I remember reading as well. With 2.6 coming out really soon, I thought we might get a heads up on whats the plan is.
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02.05.2014 , 12:50 AM | #4
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
I wanted to cover some of the questions I have been seeing in the thread.

Are you just trying to kill the class rep system?
This is absolutely not my intent! I implore you, hold me to it. We will bring the Class Reps back after 2.5. If 2.5 comes out and you don't see me post something about it, PM me or make a thread. It may not come back the second 2.5 hits but shortly thereafter, so I will make sure to status update ASAP after the update.

We actually had 6 questions planned, now we don't get to ask the other 3. What about that?
This was one of my biggest concerns with putting the Class Rep system on hiatus as well. I think we can both agree the biggest point of concern here is that we want to make sure the Combat Team has knowledge of what each class feels their biggest issues are. This way, when changes are being made, they have a strong understanding of what the players are thinking.

Although I have been doing this all along during the top 3s, this is my plan to make sure this is not a problem. After the Merc/Sin top 3 come back, I am going to completely revisit everything for every class. Their original post gathering feedback for the top 3. Their final top 3 post. Our top 3 answers and the responses. I am going to take all of that information and compile it into a very large feedback report for each class and then pass that on to the Combat Team.

Now just to alleviate any confusion. This is something I often do as Community Manager, so this situation is not unique. What is unique is that the Combat Team very specifically is looking for this feedback, especially coming off the backs of the Class Rep system.

When is 2.5 coming out?
I don't have that information available yet but once I do, you will have it!

I know not everyone is happy with my decision to put the Class Rep system on hiatus, and I understand why. I promise that the intent was not to kill the discussion, that is the last thing I want. I will even try to pass back any relevant feedback I get from the Combat Team in our discussions. Also, as I stated before, look forward to blogs as we get closer to 2.5 explaining some of the changes that are coming.

Thanks everyone.


Eric just calling it out mate we are after 2.5 are we starting this again?