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Rakghoul Plague


01.26.2014 , 04:04 PM | #1
Good event first time playing the event, I am a new avid player. Sooo like honestly lets talk about it a little and the things that have come to peeve me, why have it so you can only defeat the Eyeless once a week on SM when it is a weekly event. Does not make sense to me to have weekly restrictions . Not everyone has the gear to beat it on HM. Like really how are you suppose to do anything in a week. A two week event would have been nice. Also how are you suppose to get your THORN rep up within a weeks time to be able to use the pets, we can only do the dailies once a day and they hardly give you enough rep to get up in the rankings... There are so many restrictions, why do we have to have two-three toons on one server to get my Rep up so i can use my Pets.

Now there are two days left in the Event, are we able to get THORN Rep outside this event after it is over or is it that when this event is over we have to wait until the next one.??