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Can I suggest a change to the current dye mod system?

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Can I suggest a change to the current dye mod system?

Morgahn's Avatar

12.17.2013 , 12:55 AM | #1
I made a suggestion a while back, but I can't find it on the forums anymore, so I thought I'd repost it where I hope the Devs can see it and take it under consideration.

While I enjoy the ability to semi-customize the colors on my armor, I feel the current system does very little to meet the desires of the player base to tailor color combinations to match what they want.

--Every dye pairing is a preset.
--It would be literally hundreds dye pairings to cover all combinations
--Not every preset is available as a craftable one.
--With the exception of black/black and white/white, there are no options for same color mods.
--Crafting dye mods was given to Artifice, to make it more useful (so I've been told), but there've been no new schematics released since dye mods came out.

Dyeing your armor should be a fun addition to the game, not an annoyance that we're basically stuck with what the devs "think" we want. To that end, I'd like to propose considering the option of crafting dye mods in a different way: Crafting 2-stage dye modules that can be totally customizable.

2-stage dye mods would work something like this: you craft your dyes, then combine 1 or 2 dyes in a "Pod" to create a permanent dye module you can then place in a piece of armor to customize that armor color.

As stated above, I'm assuming 10 base colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, gray, black, and white. These could be the base schematics, and break down something like this:

Premium (green) dyes: brown, gray, red, orange
Prototype (blue) dyes: yellow, blue, green, purple
Artifact (purple) dyes: black, white

At this point, there could also be schematics for light/dark versions of the base colors where possible (light blue, dark red, etc)

You would have a new craft item at the crew skill vendors: Pods. They are moddable 2-chamber (primary and secondary) 'canisters' that can hold dyes.

So you first craft the dye colors you'd want, say 2 red dyes. Then you combine them on a mod station with a pod (crew skill material) to create a dye mod that's red/red, transforming the pod into a permanent dye mod of whatever quality equals the best dye you used (since both were red, that would make it a green dye mod). You can then place that in your armor to make primary and secondary colors red.

The advantage of this system would be that creating combinations would no longer require a schematic for each pairing, including same-color pairs. That would reduce the number of schematics to about 25-30 so Artifice wouldn't be bogged down in schematics. Players could have much more flexibility in what color combinations they wanted, and even the Devs could still release unique primary/secondary combinations as specialty items, such as 'in-between' hues like reddish-orange, blue-grey, magenta, or cyan.

I think something like this would be far more player-friendly than the current system, so I thought I'd suggest it here.

GOLANX's Avatar

12.17.2013 , 01:29 PM | #2
I like that Idea. mix and match our own color styles so i can really tune up the way my guys look, also id really like it if i could pull die modules out of our armors. I just leveled my Vanguard Armormech to level 50 (and 400 Armormeching) so ofc i made most of everything i wore, but couldn't very well keep them throughout, i have to stop using them at a point and use a new one, and i didn''t feel like getting new Die Modules each time i throw on a new chestpiece of armor. and i really did want to use what i made, and not just run to the mods vendor for new mods for the same armor.

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12.17.2013 , 01:40 PM | #3
i kinda hate current dye system and there are like only a few good black, white white, black white, white black
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12.17.2013 , 01:53 PM | #4
I love your idea, and I love the whole idea of being able to do anyform of this as actually being part of Artificing, but! This right here.

Quote: Originally Posted by Morgahn View Post
--Every dye pairing is preset
If we had any control over the colors we made or the combos to make them in, then EA wouldn't be making money off there CM. Don't ever expect more than what we have right now, cause it's probably as good as its gonna get!
Quote: Originally Posted by CosmicKat View Post
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12.17.2013 , 02:03 PM | #5
Part of your information is either incorrect or outdated:
-Crafting dye mods was given to Artifice, to make it more useful (so I've been told), but there've been no new schematics released since dye mods came out.
There have been several new dye schematics were added to the game through reputation and rep vendors:

red/black is available at section X with legend rep
black/blue is available at CZ-198 with champion rep
black/red is available at Oricon with champion rep

And BTW, the black/blue and black/red are VERY popular. I cannot keep up with demand and the value of Archeology grade 9 color crystals (added when CZ-198 came out) has tripled as a result.

That being said, I would welcome this change because you are right that some of the combinations available are awful
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