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Experts advice : GTX 560 or GT 635?

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Experts advice : GTX 560 or GT 635?

TheIronMonkey's Avatar

11.24.2013 , 12:43 PM | #1
Hi all. My new Dell XPS 8700 (Core I7-4770, 8GB Ram) came with an Nvidia GT 635. In the last year I had purchased a GTX 560 for my old rig. So, short Q : should I swap and keep the 560?

The reason I ask is my son pointed out that while an older architecture the 560 is a higher level card than the 635 and outperforms it in many aspects. But then, I would be stepping back to older architecture.

The GT 635 seems to be some OEM Dell variation since the Nvidia site doesn't listed on the drivers-by-model pull down and can't detect it (at the web site). On the 560 I was able to install the Nvidia Experience and keep the drivers updated as Nvidia sends them out. The GT 635 is running a bit hot (70c on SWTOR), but the 560 was also running a bit hot and I had to setup a fan to blow into the case on the older system.

Soooo.... stay on GT 635 or swap to the GTX 560? At least until something better comes along...

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psikofunkster's Avatar

11.24.2013 , 01:12 PM | #2
That's easy check this link:

As you can see the GTX 560 is more powerful, keep that.

However nvidia is on crisis like swtor, so the have serious problems with their drivers, the last stable ones for the 400/500 series were the 314.22 released on April more or less, the ones that came after those all have computer freezing problems, many many users are pretty pretty mad.

If you keep the 314.22 you are gonna be fine playing this game.

Im pretty mad too with nvidia and is more or less the same mediocrity with EA like the waiting for restoration of my deleted toons, there's nothing i can do with both issues only to wait... sigh