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Out of the IA, BH, Smuggler and JK stories, which is the best to play dark side?

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Out of the IA, BH, Smuggler and JK stories, which is the best to play dark side?

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11.22.2013 , 01:32 AM | #1
Hi everybody,

Since it is in my nature to make almost every character I play inherently good, I have a lot of light side characters in this game. The only dark side evil character I have is my inquisitor, which I feel fits right in with the story and the character.

Now I have a low level agent, bounty hunter, smuggler and jedi knight. Since I will be playing them all eventually, I am wondering which story would be the best for a dark side character? And by the best, I mean a few things. It fits really well into the story, your actions really do have consequences, and people around yout notice that you are dark.

I would appreciate some spoiler free opinions pleaes. This is what I have heard (based on what people have told me), so please feel feee to disagree:

JK- It's your typical cliche hero saves the galaxy story, so going dark side is really going against the mold and feels more out of place. But that isn't why I feel it's a bad fit from what I've heard. Instead of your character picking dark side choices that reflect a jedi that has been corrupted, you seem more like a D-bag that acts like a jerk for no reason or for fun.

IA- I heard that dark side leads you to become a rogue assassin that goes against the empire's back. Not sure what to pick on that since I havent gotten far into the story.

Smuggler- From what I understand this is the comic relief class. I can see neutral and dark working out well here, but I'm not sure.

Bounty Hunter- Don't know much about this story either, except that it's about fame and personal glory, so I can guess dark side would work fine on this too?

Please let me know what you guys think, and keep it spoilder free please! Thank you!

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11.22.2013 , 05:56 AM | #2
With the IA storyline you can go DS and just say its part of your job. As your usually undercover as pretty bad people.

Its the best story I've played so far aswell. Im playing it as shes emotionless about what she has to do for the good of the Empire and the Chiss people.

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11.22.2013 , 06:05 AM | #3
About the IA there's a few different endings depending on what you choose at specific key points. Don't take our word for it do a search on these forums, you'll find the general consensus on most forums is the IA story line is by far the best. Extremely well written hands down.

I'm extremely biased in the sense that I've lost count how many imp agents I've got so all I can say is you have to try it for the story alone. The thing with this game is you can fit in any class with dark side the story lines work kinda well on all of them imo. It's definitely worth a shot.

The smuggler is exactly what you described and yes it does fit in well dark side.

Jedi Knight, and BH I've only lvl'd as light so can't comment.
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11.22.2013 , 07:10 AM | #4
Smuggler, without question... it also feels most natural. BH you do some dark and IA you do some. But if you wanna go dark almost all the time, Smuggler is perfect, because you are a criminal, you think about yourself and credits first and formost if you play dark side. You take bribes, you kill people if it gives you more credits and so on.

as bounty hunter, you do some dark stuff, like bounty on that hostage on hutta. you can choose to let her leave, which mako will like or you can kill her and give her body to some dude on Dromund kaas. just know, if you go dark as BH, Mako will hate you :P Corso is better that way, he doesn't mind that you blast unarmed people.

As IA If you play like.. the bad leutenant (the one that never follows orders), Kaliyo will love you, as she hates being ordered around. But if you play like a good little agent that follows orders, she don't like everything you do. Some are light and some are dark. I ended as dark 3 on my agent and my smuggler when the story was over.

I suggest, not thinking about light and dark. just pick what ever you would do if that was you right there and you were allowed to kill people or torture them without ending in prison thats what I did with my second agent, the story was so much better than the first.

As sith and jedi, it just feels natural to go dark and light all the time, because thats what I would do if I was one.

I can tell you both the light and the dark ending of the IA, but that would be a spoiler. I can just say that the light one was more satisfying for me. or.. one of the light ones, can't remember how many there are.
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11.22.2013 , 03:13 PM | #5
Thanks for the help guys! Fixed typos.

As I understand it the IA has arguably the best story in the game because of the story itself and the fact that it has multiple endings. I have a Gunslinger, and an Operative now, so even if I make a second IA character (probably a sniper) I don't think it would be fun to play the same exact class over again. It's hard for me to play an assassin after my sorcerer; I am just one of those guys who can't play the same thing twice. That makes it harder for my decision, because I want to make the best choice, but looking into it will spoil me, so... So far he's light but he's picked a few dark choices here and there. Is there a neutral ending (if you are completely neutral by the end)?

Again I haven't played these classes enough, but I feel like a BH can be much Darker than a Smuggler. It's just their line of work to capture or kill people. It may just be a stereotype in my head, but I feel that the worst a Smuggler could ever be considered is "scum" where a BH could be a feared killer. But that may not be the case in this game, and with their stories.

You're right about the Jedi and Sith classes, they almost feel like they are meant to be played a certain way. However, I am playing a LS Sith Warrior and I really enjoy it. It may be the only class story out of the Jedi and Sith classes that go against the mold so well. It feels possibly even more fitting than your average dark side character, and because of the whole thing with LS Jaesa, it feels like your character has more of a purpose in the Empire. I'm only up to Hoth though, so we'll see!

I wanted to try a DS Jedi Knight, but I've heard so many mixed things from people, and I kind of agree with the whole D-bag statement. My JK is level 19 and DS and I feel both the dialogue and the voice acting aren't fitting of a fallen Jedi, he just sounds like an a**hole. Case in point on Taris when he tells those Cathar settlers to get off the planet, he sounded like a whining kid. Reminded me too much of Episode II Anakin, *shivers.*

I think that leaves me deciding between going DS on my Smuggler or my BH (both currently light side), and possibly my IA (if I can figure out a way of learning about each alignment's personality/story without spoiling the entire IA story).

Thanks guys!