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Which to level...

MustangCzar's Avatar

11.21.2013 , 07:34 PM | #1
The whole time I've played swtor I've always wanted to level a Assassin, a Scoundrel, and a juggernaut. I've always thought they all were really sweet looking and all look like they'd be lots of fun. I have a lvl 12 Assassin, lvl 27 jugg, and don't have a Scoundrel. Juggs always looked amazing to me but aren't quite my playstyle but assassin and scoundrel are. What do you guys think I should level for this double xp weekend?

Cheops's Avatar

12.02.2013 , 06:07 AM | #2
Well if you look at my Signature you'll see i do have a few of the character you mentioned.. =) as far as what to play.. of the ones you've listed i PERSONALLY like (LOVE) the scoundrel story the best i got more laughs out of it then any of them (so much so that i did it twice) as far as play style you mentioned assassin and scoundrel so i'm GUESSING your thinking about stealthing (AKA wow-rouge) as someone that played a wow-rogue also i found scoundrel to be more suited to me to play as a stealther.. another thing to consider between the 2.. with a respec (again this is assumeing you are going sneaky sneaky staby staby) you can either go tank (assassin) or healer (scoundrel) just something to keep in mind
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