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Change solo queues taking you in even if you're afk.

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Change solo queues taking you in even if you're afk.

Oginator's Avatar

11.15.2013 , 12:06 PM | #1
Look at the title, now back here, now back to title, now back here. What do you see? Damn straight that needs to be changed. I'm tired of losing rating because some ****** queues then goes afk. If he decides to afk it should affect his rating only not the whole groups. While at it they should make the queue timer 20secs ish so there actually can be a replacement.

Kailaurius's Avatar

11.15.2013 , 02:44 PM | #2
Unfortunately we're going to continue to see this for the next 6 months. That's provided anyone still solo queues by then. The wait time for an arena pop is insanely long. Waiting 2 to 3 hours for a pop is not only ridiculous but asinine. At least on The Shadowlands it is. A lot of players, I'm assuming, can't just sit at their screen the full wait time hoping for a pop. I almost missed a few arenas myself cuz I went afk during the wait, but was able to catch it in time. Some however do not, and this WILL not end, at least for the next 6 months. I don't blame the AFKers one bit. This only emphasizes the flaws of the current system. I normally leave the queue before I go AFK, but sometimes I'm in the queue for an incredibly long time that I forget that I'm even queued for an arena and go AFK for a while.