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PVP gear has to go, theres no point to it.

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PVP gear has to go, theres no point to it.

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11.09.2013 , 12:53 PM | #1
Instead just replace it with PVE gear of the same tiers as the PVE gear (since most people just use PVE gear for pvp anyway dont give me the excuses that pvpers dont have to pve) and make a fixed expertise score say 1700 or 1800, then for every level of Valor you get a point or two per level of expertise over the initial hard cap.

You cannot balance your pve and pvp gear, since the vast majority of players use both for pvp, instead of the pvp gear. In fact your solution to every new tier of pvp gear is to make the previous tiers into pve gear. This will simplify your current mess of a system into something I think many people would consider better.

Since valor is capped at 100, you then have a medium that will balance out expertise and keep it within the range you desire it to be, instead of fiddling with this silly double gear nonsense. Right now you want the best pvp gear, then you do pvp, it wont demotivate people to pvp as the carrot you dangle in front of them is max expertise. Also make this change for open world too, then people dont have to carry around 3 or 4 sets of gear.
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