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Ok, need gear progression help

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10.02.2013 , 12:44 AM | #1
As I've posted elsewhere, (not that I expect people to follow my posts lol) up until now, the game has consisted of my wife and I playing casual. I just upgraded the processor on her PC and we are thinking about running some Flashpoints with other people.
The issue I have is I have no idea where to start. We have 2 level 55 characters and we're working on playing WASD style (since we're mouse clickers but I don't think that will work so well and we both have Logitech G510 keyboards, may as well use them) by running low level Flashpoints but one thing we're going to need is gear. I've been told to run dailies, which while offering decent money, doesn't let me buy any mods better than what I can craft (cybertech.)
One guy I was talking to said I needed to be geared to play HM Flashpoints but that's where the mods drop.
As I've said in other threads, I'm not looking for an "I win" button but how do I get my foot in the door with this by mainly using group finders. I have no interest in vent as I like the game and it's really immersion breaking to be talking to a bunch of people. We might do that, down there line, but first we need to work on our keyboard skills and basic gear (stuff better than the crafted.)
Also, I read in the Cybertech thread that you can RE higher level mods for a chance to craft those. I still don't quite understand that.
Do we basically, need to find a group that doesn't care we are undergeared to get the gear or is there a progression we can do, just the 2 of us, to begin to run with the big boys, so to speak?

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10.02.2013 , 12:59 AM | #2
From what I saw today in the new Oricon area, the easiest way to gear up quickly is to run that quest line. Each of the story quests rewards you with purple 66 gear, and you end up with pretty much a full set. Certainly it's enough gear for 55 HM FPs, if that is what you are looking to do.

It also seems to be intended to be done with a friend, so that should work great for the two of you. Most people seems to be grouping up for the Heroics at the end, at the very least.
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10.02.2013 , 04:29 AM | #3
Gearing from a Fresh Level 50 -> 55
1) On your fleet, go to your Makeb Planetary Vendor. This will have all the old "Rakata" level mods and armorings. Use your 100 Planetary commendations that you've accumulated and buy 9 Mods, 9 Enhancemnents, 2 Hits/Barrel/Armoring for your MH/OH, 5 additional armorings for your main gear. You'll need two more armorings for your belt/bracer, hit the AH

This will give your character the gear it needs to press through Makeb/Dailies with few problems.

2) Lets assume you've got to 55 with no upgrades from your "Rakata" gear. You've gathered Classic comms and basic comms through doing dailies. Classic comms are going to get you 61's, and Basics are going to get you 66's. You can also buy/craft 66's cheaply/easily off the AH. For HM flashpoints 61's will cover you if you are intimately familiar with the game and have a good group. As it sounds like you are more on the learning scale you are going to complete your gear to 66's before touching Hardmode operations.

So lets get specific about how to get those 66's

3) Easy Way (more costly, still relatively cheap): Buy and craft your 66 purple gear. Either through the GTN, or by using your basic comms you've collected through leveling.

Harder Way: You will get 5 pieces of gear outfitted with 66's by doing the new daily area. It should take less than 2 hours to get from start to finish. However, it's PvP central right now, be prepared to die if you are on a PvP server.

Ear/Implants/Relics: Buy the level 54 purples for your Ear/Implants. They are actually stupid good, and cheap. Hopefully you did a little bit of PVP and have just a few hundred comms sitting around. Use them to pick up the low tier PvP relics. They'll absolutely serve you well for a long time.

4) You're all 66'ed out now. Starting to get the swing of things? Time to head into HM Flashpoints through your group finder or guild. From 69 on you are going to need a group or its going to cost you heavily on the GTN. Get all your 69's from HM Flashpoints or if you feel adventurous, SM OP's. If you are picking up weekly quests associated with those activities...

5) Use your ultimate comms to buy the new set of gear from the ultimate vendor. Your OH should be your first priority. Followed by your Earpiece, and implants. This gear is actual equal to the highest tier of raiding gear, it will be stupidly better than anything you have.

6) You're now full 69's, with a mix of 78's. Your next step is HM S+V and HM TFB. From here you'll get so many more Ultimate comms as well as 72 gear.

7) You're now in full 72, with a mix of 78 gear. Head into HM DF/DP, the new raid and collect your 78 gear.

8) You're now in 78 gear. Your character is complete. Feel free to check out NiM if you and your wife are hardcore gamers now. The raids are way harder and only reward you with 75 gear. You'd be doing it for nothing but the experience.


Best wishes in all your gearing endeavors!

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10.02.2013 , 04:57 AM | #4
Very nice guide from the previous poster!

However, I do need correct one error: Basic Comms will now get you 69 gear with the new patch, which is the same gear you will get in Hard Mode flashpoints. Elite Comms will now get you 72 gear.

I suggest you and your wife run some level 50 Hard Mode flashpoints or the level 55 story mode flashpoints (the Czerka ones). Hard Mode EV (Eternity Vault) is also a good option to go into. Don't get confused my the "Hard Mode" labels I mentiones; these are level 50 content, and are very easy to complete at level 55. The gear in these places won't be directly useful to you, but they will get you used to playing group content, and will have a lot of room for you to make the errors that you are bound to make when you are transitioning into this group content without having a detrimental effect on the outcome for your team. Additionally, be sure to pick up the Dailies/Weeklies for these places when you do them, as they will award you with commendations that WILL get you gear that will be useful to you.

Additionally, be sure to let the group you are with know that you are new to these places, so that they can be prepared to explain to you what you need to do for certain fights. These things have been around so long that many players, if not told otherwise, assume that everyone in the group know how to do them. The last thing you want is for people to run off, assuming you know where to go, leaving you behind and confused. Or worse yet, wiping the group and causing people to get upset with you. Most players are fine with explaining things to players new to the area (though there are always exceptions), as long as you let them know beforehand that you don't know what you are doing.

Transitioning into Story Mode Terror from Beyond and Scum and Villiany are a step up. They aren't overly difficult, but you want to be comfortable with playing your class and knowing your role in the group before you venture into these. Hard Mode TFB and SnV are when things start to get more serious, and you'll want to be very comfortable with Operations before you head into these places.

Finally, have fun transitioning into group play. To me, it's the most rewarding thing about the game. We've all been new at it once, and it can be a bit intimidating when you are getting into it, but there's lots of helpful people around that will make your transition easier; you just have to sort through the people that aren't so helpful.

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10.02.2013 , 06:43 AM | #5
Wow, thank you guys so much! I love the step by step "progression for Dummies" because that's exactly what we needed! (with the addition of the new patch.)
Are the 69+ REable? I'm crafting and making decent credits selling purple 66's and the level 54 earpieces I can't make them fast enough.

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10.02.2013 , 08:08 AM | #6
Both 69's and 72's are RE'ble. But the ones you can equip like earpiece or implant can only be RE'd for schematicif they are actually operations token gear ie. Arkanian or Underworld. Verpine/Black market you can't RE for schematic or make. You can RE for schematics all mods/enhacncements/armorings removed from 69 and 72 gear.
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10.02.2013 , 08:22 AM | #7
that guide is sooooo two days ago.

69s can now be bought with basic comms and 72s with elite comms.

Here's what you really do:
Go to GTN and buy some 66 blue gear (you can start wearing them at 53). People sell them very cheap (like 10-20k each). Now you are ready for 55hm fps-fill in any parts you couldn't get with BH gear from the 50hm fps. If you still feel like you are not ready do the czerka 55 sm fps-you can even do this for the weekly to get a 66 purple piece of gear. If you still feel uneasy, go to oricon (2 of you should be fine) and get some 156 purple gear from doing the dailies there. If you get enough basic comms, buy some BM (69 purple) gear from the basic vendor.
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10.02.2013 , 06:47 PM | #8
Seriouslly the OP had the easiest way to do things. Go to the new Oricon area, complete the initial missions series and you'll have 66 purples for your class ( 2 gear choices to chose from for each mission done ). I can't remember what gear is lacking - main hand, off hand, relics ear and implant probably ( yet to do the heroics so those probably reward a bit more gear ) but those you can get off GTN if you're making semi-decent coin off your crafting.

That then yields you full 66 purples, this is geared for HM FPs and SM OPs which you can start doing for elite comms ( and a few ultimates for weeklies or 16man ops ) so you can start working on getting the 72's from there.
People may whinge about 66's but ignore them, they are elitest idiots. As long as you know the mechanics of the ops/fp's you'll be fine ( do some research first is a good idea unless you like working it out yourself but yo ucan piss off PUGs this way ).

Something I should point out that can help with advice on gear etc. is ... what gear you have now? How much creds you make a day via crafting? How much time you play a day? What you are using/doing for crafting?

This way people can give advise around this to maximise your income or if already good give you a run down on what gear costs off GTN.

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10.06.2013 , 11:43 AM | #9
I have a question though. How do you know the rating of a mod (69/72, etc.) if it's just sitting on the GTN? I can see once I equip it that it's got an xx rating, but not from just looking at it...

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10.07.2013 , 12:22 AM | #10
28 mods = 66
30 mods = 69
31 mods = 72

And then there are the item levels that derive from these as well. Too many numerics in the game
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