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HM Oricon Discussion thread on the Sniper forums

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HM Oricon Discussion thread on the Sniper forums

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10.01.2013 , 10:57 PM | #1
16-man HM Dread Fortress

Mostly from the ranged DPS POV (Sniper/Gunslinger specific discussion) but i'm pretty sure people will talk about HM mechanics as well.
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10.02.2013 , 11:13 PM | #2
Copy pasted from


1) First boss

Still at work

2) Drakus

Still at work

3) Grobthok

This boss is fun as Engineering. Adds pop frequently screaming for your AoEs. Although the boss is around medium-sized which means not all your scatter bombs will hit (unless you can roll-in-place). I will most likely roll Engi for this boss (in HM) for fun

MM Entrench could be useful later in the fight when he starts to knock up the raid faster.

Lethality useful when you get targeted by the mining claw and need to run.

Entrench doesn't work(?). Knock-up can not be prevented. How about BH/Trooper HO/HTL?

4) Corruptor Zero

Engi wasn't good for this fight. Depending on your tanks if they LOS to clump up the adds then you can probably hit all of the adds. Other than that the adds seem to be too spread apart. I'd say MM due to the timer on Orbital/Flyby plus it makes it easy for you to target swap to kill off any stragglers.

Lethality if your raid can run it so that you do minimal target swaps then dot spec will be good as well.

Not much to say really, kill adds, DPS boss, "dance to the beat of the laser beam." Don't go all crazy about DPSing adds, its possible for you to tunnel and forget to dance around the map.

Laser beam phase - would be pretty cool if MM Snipers/SS Slingers can Entrench/Hunker Down tank it . Need confirmation.

5) Brontes

Engi - yeah good luck with that.... lol!

MM and Lethality - i'm liking dot spec for this fight because of the movement requirements. MM would be nice for target swapping (as usual) if your raid needs you to. But as Lethality you can just stay on the big adds and pop Orbital on the small adds whenever they spawn from the ground. The timers seems to align with your 45s anyways.

Defensive abilities - AoE reduction for MM is great help to your healers when the tentacles hit the raid (tanks lose aggro or during aggro resets)

Ranged - this fight is going to suck as melee especially when doing it for the first time. The Hand's slams and the Hand's lightning rod mechanic will make you happy you rolled ranged DPS

Kephess adds - die pretty fast in 16-man HM. If you are forced to target swap to kill it then MM will be good. Otherwise you can go DoT spec and just stick DPS to the boss.

Tank - this is more of a tank fight imo. Especially during learning phase. Some mechanic about tank swapping and the debuffs the Hands give em

Orbs - do NOT take any orbs at 10 stacks. That will kill you. Pop it at 15 stacks. Kite the orb and make sure to not let it run through raid members. Once it hits 15 stacks run to it some where safe.

Lightning rod tentacle phase - they spawn randomly in pairs and form a tether. This is a REACTION time check. Use your roll to run to safety when you get in a tight spot.

(Called at 10 pm. Doing Palace tomorrow)

My only comment is on Corruptor Zero. This boss dies too fast at least in 16-man. They should increase his HP imo...


1) Bestia

Ehh... Lots of adds, could be nice for Engineering AoE but didn't find it to be that optimal outside of the little add phase. Big adds and boss hit circle is too small. Any spec should be good for this fight. Lethality DoTs can be good when adds are neatly stacked up (aoe taunt ), MM's short cd Orbital is going to be good as well.

Overall pretty fun and hectic fight


Big adds - afaik little adds will spawn as long as they are alive. 2 will spawn and tanked in opposite ends of the room because they buff each other with "Brooding."

Little adds - we stagger our Orbitals/Flybys for the little adds. Raid focuses on the big adds first and then finish off the little adds when the big ones are dead. They do a nasty spit with aoe dmg (iirc) so don't stack on top of each other.

Sniper/Slinger bubble: We had 4 Slingers and staggered the bubbles per add wave. We just rotate the bubbles on cooldown during the Big/Little adds phase.

Tentacles - we had 2 (or 3?) people on tentacle duty and they just dps it down while (IMPORTANT) interrupting its cast. Nasty damage to somebody if not interrupted.

Boss red puddle - red puddle brews at your feet. got around a second before it spawns and 1 shots people standing in it. It deals 17k 17k damage to me in 1 second.

2) Tyrans

Basically a DPS race. Not a lot of movement. The raid should pick the outermost tiles for deletion first and work their way inward. You run out of tiles , you wipe. >_<

I don't see any particular spec being better than the other. Go with whatever gives you the most single target DPS.

loltip: Do some acrobatics and "diagonally" roll from one tile to the other.

3) Calyphus

"Puzzle boss." Too long to type >_<

Past state - Evasion/Dodge can cleanse Mass Affliction

Present state - Roll out of the hueg aoe circle he puts on one random raid member. The circle deals dmg and slows at the same time so either entrench it if you are MM or just roll out of it asap.

Future state - tank and spank... we have the raid AoE / whittle down as much of the yellow crystals while waiting for the Past group. Drop an Orbital on one of the patches but don't kill any crystal. You need to kill the right crystal (designated by the Past group) otherwise its GG.

4) Raptus

Have to say, the fights are getting cooler and cooler the further we progress into the instances. This is my favorite boss so far!

Huge Conal Knockback - roll out of it each time. MM Entrench during platform phase. Coordinate Sniper bubbles with the raid during platform phases to reduce raid damage taken.

Target resets - there are target resets but they last long enough for 1 round of your dots to do its full damage. DoT spec = MM spec for this fight imo.

(Called it at 9:50 PM)

Gear: wearing 4-pc PVE set bonus

5) Dread Masters
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