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Best Class Story

Corran's Avatar

10.17.2013 , 09:20 AM | #11
very very subjective.

the IA story is very complex and very satisfying because of this. for most people anyway. i know some for whom complex = boring.

many harp on the trooper story and i can see this if you play male trooper. jennifer hale made the trooper story for me, though and i enjoyed it thoroughly

the jedi knight story is basically ep 4-6. the jugg story is almost inverse of this. they are so cliche'd that i have yet to be able to stomach taking any of those 4 classes through chapter 2.

the smuggler story is damned funny all around, male or female. romance wise you can't go wrong with either. corso is loveable and all of my female friends prefer the smuggler because of how his romance plays out. the male smuggler gets you han + leia type romance. and risha is hot hot HOT.

the sage and sorcerer stories were very bland imo. zero nuance. zero comedy relief.

the bh story is really good imo, good mix of comedy and seriousness. you got the vo actor from cowboy bebop and a jawa who's gibberish and battle cries are an endless source of comedy - and he's a ****** tank too if you go merc.
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10.17.2013 , 09:32 AM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by Corran View Post
the bh story is really good imo, good mix of comedy and seriousness. you got the vo actor from cowboy bebop and a jawa who's gibberish and battle cries are an endless source of comedy - and he's a ****** tank too if you go merc.
[voice actor nerd]

Tom Spackman is the male BH and Grey DeLisle is the Female. Neither had a role in Cowboy Bebop. Steven Blum who plays Spike, has multiple roles in SWTOR, the biggest one being Andronicus for the SI. Beau Billingslea and Wendee Lee who play Jet and Faye are not in SWTOR at all.

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10.17.2013 , 09:36 AM | #13
I liked the warrior story best, hands down (completed it three times already and working on a 4th)

Agent is also great. I'd put it at a close second or 1a.

After that the Knight was 'okay'. If the first two are 10/10 and 9.5/10 then the knight was a 7/10 for me.

The smuggler was a bit boring to me, it did have it's moments, but it was very middle of the pack otherwise.

Inquisitor, similar to the smuggler, had it's moments but overall I thought was rather 'meh' or another 6/10. This was was rather odd though because I thought Act 1 was very good, just acts 2-3 seemed like a let down after the first act.

Councilor comes in at the very bottom. Complete snooze fest/bored me to tears. 2/10

My trooper is only in act 1, but I suspect it will fall somewhere around Knight and Smug. Seems like a typical military type story so far.

The only story I haven't seen anything of yet is the bountyhunter.

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10.24.2013 , 11:27 AM | #14
I've done Trooper, IA, and most of JK and SI.

If you do JK I'd say be a female, its kind of nice experiencing an over the top female jedi since this storyline is the most like the movies and its creates a nice perspective that's different.

IA was a fun story and intriguing but not as "OMG awesome!!!" as everyone makes it out to be.

SI inquisitor is fun if you're light sided. Sometimes you being light sided makes absolutely no sense with some of the decisions you have to make but its hilarious to be a constant pain in the *** to all the douches you meet in the story.

Trooper was just fun just because the male voice is hands down the sexiest voice in the game. Body type 3 with McDreamy hair and play with the ladies (as in turn down Elara and butter up Garza) and just that is an adventure in itself. Also there is a major plot decision later in the game where depending on what you pick can send yet another woman who's after your junk into a mental institution (read your mail!). My trooper easily rose to be my main due to how fun this was.

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10.25.2013 , 03:33 AM | #15
I've played all the stories, and to me here is my opnion:

The Republic and Imperial storylines were far more interesting to me when I played a different character then the "cookie-cutter" type expected from the idea of the class.

The Trooper can be downright hilarious picking some of the choices, and if you are a fan of military stories then I think you might like it. First time I played I enjoyed a lot, probably because I really like Captain America voicing my Trooper.

The Jedi Knight is the same. I played at first a very respectable and honorable JK, and that became boring after sometime...however when I started picking other lines the whole story became far more enjoyable because of the reactions that the NPCs give.

Consular is considered the worst, but to me it was quite interesting. First chapter was slow and not full of epic moments, but after that it picks up and it becomes AWESOME. I love it due to your position felt that you were in fact affecting the galaxy at large.

The Smuggler is all about fun. It's swashbuckling adventure, with romances in every port and lots of humor. The storyline itself was not as attractive as I would want, but the funny dialogue kept me hooked (also your character gets to romance plenty of people, and you can even make a pass over Master Satele).

Sith Warrior is in my opinion the best one of all of them. First, both lightside and darkside are different and interesting and they can affect in a major way your storyline. I found suprising that I felt there was more scheming in this story then in the SI, but maybe it's due to the players masters who one is a great spymaster while the other is basically a hoarder. The Male SW voice acting is superb, I really like his voice.

Bounty Hunter was to me the most personal of all, the story felt very "Hunt of the Week", but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Each hunt was quite interesting, and the companions were awesome (besides the last one....). If you like Mandalorians you are going to like this one.

Sith Inquisitor has it's moments, but I don't like it very much in a whole. If you look it over it feels too much "go this place and get this" story. Altough each one has some quite interesting sides on that, while the big picture is not really that great, the details are cool. Each planet adds some spice to the objective, from cults, weird love stories. The third chapter was the one I did not like much, though the main reason was it felt far more like a second chapter part 2...

The Imperial Agent is cool and well written, though I think the main reason people consider the best it's due to the plot twists that happen through the story (which if it's not your thing then you might not like as much).


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11.18.2013 , 05:03 AM | #16
Been playing since launch and bioware did a fantastic job making you feel what the classes are suppose to be. Agent is the best story hands down IMO operative fits more into the story then sniper and I found sniper mechanics very boring but I have a sniper at 55 and currently doing another agent and doing a operative and having way more fun the 2nd time around. Bounty hunter feels IMO the most ****** out of all the classes best companions in the game and male voice actor is far superior to the female IMO. sith warrior is good but I guess like some people say don't see the omg factor for agent I don't see that for warrior it's good but I'm kinda sick of Jedi/sith all together but does make you feel like a powerful sith. Smuggler was funny ** hell "By the Stars" I played as a scoundrel and was alot of fun but I feel where operative fits agent more then sniper for story reasons. Gunslinger fits more then scoundrel. Jk is your typical Star Wars story but some people enjoy that I personally found it was ok. I prefer all the non force users over force users classes because I'm sick to death of them cus 80% of every Star Wars games you play a force user. But beside that JK feels like kotor 3 but it really pushes u towards light side. Si and Jc to me arnt all that great but if your into more if the behind the scenes emperor kind of stuff you'll like Si. Jc even tho it gets alot of hate you'll like it if you like the more peaceful political council Jedi, most people find that boring that's why it gets alot of hate. Trooper is a standard military Story really action packed. But like I said all the story's make you feel like what there suppose to. IMO I'd rate them 1:agent 2:Bounty hunter (was my main and first toon) 3:sith warrior 4 smuggler 5: Jedi knight 6: trooper 7and. 8 are tie between Sith inquistor and Jedi consular. But again totally depends and what you want to play as they all make you feel like what there representing.
Ahhh This takes me back.

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11.25.2013 , 06:39 AM | #17
My vote goes to the Imperial Agent's storyline as well. It is a relatively serious one and the companion stories reflect that pretty nicely too. The diplomatic endeavours of Vector, Kaliyo's hidden past and so, they are all well-built and for once I actually enjoyed grinding my way through discussions and companion gifts just to see how the companions develop.

The Smuggler and, to a lesser extent, the Bounty Hunter story were both really fun. The former in particular gave me instant Han Solo vibes as I played. One liners, fist fights, flirting and dashing around the galaxy in a Corellian ship! On the other hand, the BH was immediately portrayed as a hardcore fighter and the personal vendetta around which the story revolves was excellent and it just showed how far a Bounty Hunter can go if he is relentless enough.