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A Fool's Crime

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08.26.2013 , 09:06 PM | #1
A Sith Warrior fanfiction. Also posted on and AO3 (AO3 version is not up to date).


They tell me I was born a Jedi, or rather, that both of my parents were.

My mother was beautiful. I have her face supposedly: small and delicate, with lips a little too big to be "pretty" in the ordinary sense. A kind face, everyone called it, although I suppose that view might be tainted by the speaker's knowledge of her personality. But I failed to inherit her eyes, brown and doe-like, and her smile, which I'm told was her most extraordinary feature. She was always smiling.

My father rarely smiled, and I suppose I must have inherited that from him. Serious, with a face simultaneously razor-sharp and weathered with years of thinking, always thinking. He had a keen mind and a keener tongue if the stories I'm told are any indication. That must have been what attracted my mother to him, for he wasn't a particularly handsome man apart from his flashing green eyes that frequently lit up with private sarcasm.

I know none of this first-hand, of course. Both of my parents died when I was very young. The Jedi killed them, slaughtered them for daring to love.

It was my birth that gave them away. They could only hide me, a force-sensitive child, for so long.

They didn't put up a fight, so I'm told. They simply stood there, looking into each other's' eyes as the lightsabers tore them to shreds in a blaze of blue and green.

It was a beggar who saved me—an old woman. My parents gave her every material possession they owned in exchange for a single promise: that she protect me. And she did. She stole me away and took me to Korriban, where I was taken in. The moment they saw me, they knew that I was strong with the Force.

They sent me away to be trained, and for nineteen years I have sweated and shed my blood working towards this day. Today I return to Korriban.

I am Ishtaa. I am Sith. I will destroy the Jedi for what they have done.

I will avenge my parents' love.

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08.26.2013 , 09:21 PM | #2

Dromund Kaas


The slave's words stopped her cold. Ishtaa froze, in the midst of carving her path of bloody destruction through the battlefield. Her scarlet blade trembled inches from the slave's throat.

"You? What do you mean you?"

The slave licked his lips, thin parched lines in a withered face. "It's you. You're the child. You're the impossible child."

Ishtaa gritted her teeth. She seized the man by his collar, hoisting him up off the ground by his neck. "Stop talking nonsense, old man. What do you mean I'm the impossible child? What are you talking about? Answer me!"

The slave choked and gagged, struggling to breath against Ishtaa's death grip. She dropped him to the ground unceremoniously, pressing the tip of her lightsaber against his throat.

"This is your last chance, slave," she hissed.

The old man didn't tremble. He simply laughed, a deathly quiet sound.

"I know…your face…You look…just like your mother."

For a moment, she hesitated. Could this man have really known her mother? It would not be unlike the Jedi to fraternize with slaves. If he knew her...if she could know something about her, what she had been like... Longing swelled in her chest, drowning out the rage.

"How did you know her?" she asked in a jerky voice. The old man just laughed again. She shook him angrily, tears welling up in her eyes. "Answer me!

"You...are nothing like her." His breath rattled. "You are lucky...she is not here with see what you've become."

Ishtaa snarled. With a sharp twist, she drove the blade through the old man's throat.

He was dead before her lightsaber even made contact.

She stared down at him for a few seconds, shaking. The man was wrong. Her parents would be proud of her, of what she'd done to avenge their names. She felt a drop rolling off of her chin. She wiped her cheeks with the back of her hand roughly. They would be proud of you. They would be proud of you. But what you've done, not this. Not sniveling in the trenches like a pathetic child.

She swallowed the lump in her throat. Never again. She would prove the old man wrong. She would destroy her enemies, she would avenge her parents' deaths, and she would never be weak again. She would show the world what she could become.

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08.26.2013 , 09:25 PM | #3
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