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HoloNet News Exclusive Interview: Baron Deathmark

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HoloNet News Exclusive Interview: Baron Deathmark
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eavn's Avatar

08.26.2013 , 02:33 PM | #11
as a sentinel, im finding it hard to kill sages and sorcs now, why did you tell them to heal to full? it is way too overpowered.

even now operative, sorc and mercenary dps are all healing to full in warzones, which makes it impossible to win.

also, thanks for including HARDLY ANY class balance in 2.4, for a "PVP" patch, all we have gotten is the loss of rateds, a wow copy of arenas, oh and sages can heal to full now.

wheres all that cartel money going? definitely not to anything useful .

Ludwig_VanCover's Avatar

08.26.2013 , 02:33 PM | #12
Why is there a half a dreadmaster?

lol, there should be 5 now after you know what happened... - Character Armory and More | Guild: The Army of Light

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08.26.2013 , 02:35 PM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by Ansalem View Post
I heard the frogdogs need to l2p and h2f is this true baron?
I heard they lower the difficulty and then claim worlds first
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08.26.2013 , 02:38 PM | #14
Rumor has it that there may be a new Huttball arena* opening soon™ - any comment on when we may see this new arena*?

(*8v8 "arena", not the new 4v4 "arena")
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08.26.2013 , 02:40 PM | #15
Baron Deathmark, any chance to get your outfit anywhere in the game? I mean we fans might want not know how to be successful in the pit, but also looking good while there. I wouldn't mind if it is only available for the champions of the games who played plenty of games (valour 100).
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08.26.2013 , 02:50 PM | #16
I have a question... When you left your group to Heal to full. You need to drop the ball too or you can use Heal to full with ball in hands?

Excuse me for this noob question but Im having perception problems.

H5 and L2H2F!!
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BW...Something is failing here, don't you think?

Anysao's Avatar

08.26.2013 , 02:52 PM | #17
Baron Deathmark! Is it true you are a secret half-blood born of the lesser known Alderaan royal house of the Deathmark? Or is your title "Baron" nothing more than a lie to enlarge your fame and ego? And is it true you have been "modifying" the games to only face the Frogdogs and Rotworms against eachother, putting countless other teams out of business? What ever happened to the rooky minor-league teams of the Sithspit, the Reprats, and the Huttkissers?

What do you have to say for yourself, "Baron"?!
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08.26.2013 , 02:58 PM | #18
Quote: Originally Posted by YoshiRaphElan View Post
I love this part! Way to use a previous character instead of creating a new one!
Goodbye crazy woman!
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08.26.2013 , 03:02 PM | #19
Dear Mr.Deathmark.

I have a very serious query.
You see, I am under the impression that Huttball originated from (oh so darn obvious) the Hutts.

So you need to understand what I'm about to ask you is of utmost importance.

Are we ever going to see Hutts play Huttball?




JacenHallis's Avatar

08.26.2013 , 03:08 PM | #20
Very sad that this interview was not filmed. I adore Lamalla's voice after that time we met on Ord Mantell.

Oh, sure. The Baron's got a great voice, too.
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