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Crew Skills Help

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06.20.2013 , 08:01 PM | #1
Hello everyone. I'm super confused as to the point or crew skills and which ones are useful for what. Could someone give me a quick summary of them?

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06.20.2013 , 08:10 PM | #2
Quote: Originally Posted by ScarecrowDS View Post
Hello everyone. I'm super confused as to the point or crew skills and which ones are useful for what. Could someone give me a quick summary of them?
I could but its long. If you look in your codex, you got entries for each one of them when you clicked on them for the first time in fleet or where ever. They sorta point you in the direction.

Basically you can have ONE crafting profession and the other two can be any combination of mission / gathering skills. Some go hand in hand. Some are used in multiples. Start with what your crafting skill is gonna be, if you are going to have one. Then get the other two skills that complement it. Example: Artifice (crafting) -> Archeology (gathering) -> Treasure Hunting (mission). This combination gives you everything you need to make light saber hilts, enhancements, off hand focus and shields, color crystals, relics ect. Good for force users. Obviously there are other combinations out there that suit other classes better. There is a. complete guide somewhere here on the forums, sry I don't have the link.
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06.22.2013 , 05:11 PM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by ScarecrowDS View Post
Hello everyone. I'm super confused as to the point or crew skills and which ones are useful for what. Could someone give me a quick summary of them?
I'll try doing a brief as possible which will probably end up being long...

You can have the following combos of crew skills:
1 craft, 1 mission, 1 gather
1 craft, 0 mission, 2 gather
1 craft, 2 mission, 0 gather
0 craft, 1 mission, 2 gather
0 craft, 2 mission, 1 gather
0 craft, 3 mission, 0 gather
0 craft, 0 mission, 3 gather

Artifice: creates lightsabers, enhancements, offhands, color crystals, hilts
Armormech: creates armor for non-force users
Armstech: creates weapons for non-force users, and barrels
Biochem: creates stims, healthpacks, adrenals, implants
Cybertech: creates armorings, mods, droid parts, ship parts, earpieces
Synthweaving: creates armor for force users

Missions (can only get these items by sending companions out on missions):
Diplomacy: provides medical supplies (for biochem blues/purples), companion gifts, and the missions will provide either dark side or light side points (for each mission)
Underworld Trading: used for fabrics/metals for Armormech (metals) and Synthweaving (fabrics for medium/light armor, metal for heavy armor), Cybertech uses the metals for blues/purples, companion gifts
Investigation: research compounds (used for armstech blues/purples), cant remember what other thing you can send missions for, its either lockboxes or gifts
Treasure Hunting: gemstones (artifice blues/purples), companion gifts

Bioanalysis: can harvest plants in the wild or animals (strong+) for a sample, harvested materials are used for biochem, can also send companions out on missions
Archaeology: can harvest power crystal or color crystal nodes in the wild or thru companion missions, used for artifice and synthweaving
Scavenging: can harvest nodes in the wild or harvest droids (strong+) for materials, can also send comps out on mission, used for cybertech, armstech and armormech
Slicing: can harvest nodes in the wild (computers, lockboxes, etc), also send comps out on missions, can get lockboxes (with credits) or can get missions for crew skills (which provide a large amount of resources)

Artifice/Archaeology/Treasure Hunting
Armormech/Scavenging/Underworld Trade
Armstech/Scavening/Underworld Trade
Cybertech/Scavenging/Underworld Trade
Synthweaving/Archaeology/Underworld Trade

you're probably wondering what about slicing... slicing could replace either of the mission/gathering crew skills so you could try to use slicing for mission acquisitions. If you have a Cybertech and/or a Armormech and/or Armstech obviously you wouldnt necessarily need 2/3 characters with scavenging/underworld trade so you could have one/two/three of them with a combo of them so you could have UWT/scav/slicing throughout your alts.

Biochem, Artifice .... Synthweaving OR Cybertech

Non-Force Users:
Biochem, Armstech .... Armormech OR Cybertech

If you take Cybertech in my opinion you do not need armormech/synthweaving since you will just use your cybertech to create the armorings/mods for empty shells (orange gear with open slots), artifice will provide enhancements and hilts and color crystals, and armstech will provide barrels.

If I could start over from scratch this is what i would do:
JK or SW: Biochem, Bioanalysis, Diplomacy
TR or BH: Cybertech, Scavenging, Underworld Trading
JC or SI: Artifice, Archaeology, Treasure Hunting
SM or IA: Armstech, Slicing, Investigation

I'd say start with having a Biochem and Cybertech and then an artifice (you can buy hilts/enhancements off planetary comm vendors, gtn or quests/flashpoints), and then go for an armstech (though you wouldnt use him much except for barrels (which again can be gotten thru planetary comm vendors, the gtn, or quests/flashpoints)

you could play around with that so you could optimize your companions' bonuses and such. and then if you have more than 4 characters you could start running characters with just gathering skills or just missions.

On characters i create these days i run the following:
Scavenging and Underworld Trade to provide mats for my Cybertech and either biochem(and level up on just greens buying mats off the GTN or using an alt with bioanalysis to provide mats) or a random crew skill that i'll work to get to 450 for the achievement

You could in theory level up your biochem without ever using diplomacy and just working on greens and then once you acquire the skill level you can just buy the resuable type from the GTN

... and that was as brief as i could make it without leaving things out
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