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Help with unlocks for cartel items

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Help with unlocks for cartel items

Cskerl's Avatar

06.17.2013 , 05:43 PM | #1
Hi all,

Sorry if this has been asked before. I used/unlock a speeder I got from a cartel pack and it is able to be unlocked on all my toons, this is a good thing. Where I have a problem is with armor, say I want the stylist armor unlocked, Do I have to get it from a pack? Can I just buy the top, or do I need the whole set? Can I buy all of it or does it have to come from a pack? If it does, how do I know from my inventory if I got it or bought it? How do I unlock the set?

CarlosTrevisan's Avatar

06.17.2013 , 06:26 PM | #2
You need all the pieces of the armor. You can buy the armor by cartel matket (if avaiable) or on galatic trade network.
Remember: you mus bound all pieces of the desired piece of gear to make avaiable to colectoon. And even after that you must pay a cartel coin tax to make avaible to all chars. But once unlocked you can give as many pieces as desired (good if you want equip your companions with the gear.

So the steps are:
-by (by cartel marquet or gtn) ALL piecea of the set
-wear ALL pieces of the set
-logou from you char
-login on another toon and look for the armor on armor list. It should be there but you will need pay a cartel coin tax to make avaiable to all chars
-after all just click and the armor set will be spawed on inventory

Ps this work like a charm if you do this on the weapkn cristals....

Cskerl's Avatar

06.17.2013 , 06:57 PM | #3
TY I had the wrong Reveler's top to match what I was looking for, they all look the same and some of the names do as well. thanks, got it unlocked. Very kind of you to answer so fast