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serial game/system crashes since patch 2.2. pls. fix!

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serial game/system crashes since patch 2.2. pls. fix!

Jedi_wanabie's Avatar

06.16.2013 , 03:45 AM | #1
I own two twin systems which have run SWTOR clients without incident (except for a recent win XP - launcher problem with SWTOR, that I fixed by a system-restore).

However, since installing Patch 2.2 I have experienced multiple SWTOR in-game crashes, which were non-recoverable, froze the entire system, and required physical power downs used as a last resort.

This has occurred no less than 6 times on two twin systems resulting not only in systems crashes, but also:

(1) rendering the SWTOR launcher inoperable (see my earlier report)
With the launcher disabled only giving the erroneous message:

This is incorrect, because my other system was able to login on the same router without any problem at the same moment.

Therefore, it is highly likely the crash (a priori or a consequence) involves crippling the SWTOR launcher and rendering it not functional was due to a software conflict with SWTOR PATCH 2.2. Many hardware tests demonstrated system stability when NOT running SWTOR. Over 2 hours have been spent on the telephone with SWTOR customer service to troubleshoot this problem -- NO SOLUTION HAS BEEN FOUND only escalated...

(2) multiple crashes on the other system has resulted in similar SWTOR ingame crashes and system freezes where physical power down was the only remedy.

Within 1-3 game crashes in a space of a few hours, the windows XP sp3 operating system fails to reboot and the system required, hard disc formatting, and CLEAN OS INSTALLATION (3+ hours) and RE-INSTALLATION OF SWTOR (5+ hours) for each set of crashes and disabling of the OS on different hard drives.

I tested 3 different hard drives and the system crashes on BOTH computers persist and continue to disable the launcher or the Win XP sp3 operating systems...

It is unlikely the crashes are due to defective hardware, since these systems run for hours without incident when SWTOR is NOT launched.

In summation, I have experienced multiple SWTOR ingame -- system crashes on two independent systems since the installation of Patch 2.2 As a result I ahve spend more than 10x time the hours trouble shooting, swaping components, de-/re-installing software of SWTOR and of the operating system, than I have of actual game play.


Please investigate and repair Bioware.

I would open an bug report / ticket....but I cannot login into SWTOR on either of my two systems.

CORSAIR 750 Modular PSU

Twin systems.

I had WIN 7 64-bit installed, but other software on these systems preferred win xp sp3 so I rolled back for them.

OwenBrooks's Avatar

06.16.2013 , 03:55 AM | #2
Any difference with a clean boot ? - xp =
I gather you have run memory tests, not overclocking etc.

I run Win 7 64bit with WD black , 16 Gb Ram , I7 3930K, 670GTX and no issues, never had to run in any form of compat mode.

Some software can conflict especially if they are USB based, like Karg Midi, Displaylink etc , Mumble has also known to cause issues.

Win 7 is preferred over Win XP in my opinion, especially considering XP is entering the dead zone

Jedi_wanabie's Avatar

06.16.2013 , 03:57 AM | #3
No overclocking, all default settings for system manipulation. (I have OC'd with rock stability months before with no issues, but decided to revert to default settings to preserve the hardware).

Hardware is fine. Both systems operate without an issues as long as SWTOR post -patch 2.2 does is not launched.

It is very likely to involve Patch 2.2 since both systems operated WITH SWTOR prior to Patch 2.2 without crashes or any other trouble for that matter (other than the one known Win XP issue aforementioned)

Multiple reboots testing, post SWTOR crash were done performed with safe mode with without network conenctions.

therefore, if third party software is conflicting with SWTOR, then it is doing so POST PATCH 2.2, since these systems have not had any other software installed.

Furthermore, I have formatted a reliable hard dirve with a CLEAN INSTALLATION of only WINDOWS XP sp3 + MS .net software and SWTOR set up launcher and patch 2.2 SWTOR

RESULT: multiple system crashes ONLY when running SWTOR and then crippling the OS where no further reboot is possible in ANY mode, clean safe etc...

As for migrate to WIN7, well I explained I have other software than swtor, and I am not the only SWTOR player using WIN XP.

OwenBrooks's Avatar

06.16.2013 , 04:07 AM | #4
Within 1-3 game crashes in a space of a few hours, the windows XP sp3 operating system fails to reboot and the system required, hard disc formatting, and CLEAN OS INSTALLATION (3+ hours)

The above suggests hardware , swtor may bring out the issue quicker due to it pushing hardware harder then some programs.

Jedi_wanabie's Avatar

06.16.2013 , 04:13 AM | #5
(1) No, the events did not suggest hardware as a hardware failure. I have run SWTOR pre-patch 2.2 on TWO independent systems for months without incident.

The likelihood that two independent systems are experiencing hardware failures just when patch 2.2 SWTOR is installed is close to nil

Furthermore, these systems have been restored and have run hours 6-10+ continuously WITHOUT SWTOR patch 2,.2 running and the systems DO NOT CRASH AT ALL.

Finally, several key component of hardware were swapped in and out, and the events are NOT hardware related.

Conclusion: its not hardware failure related, but most likely SWTOR patch 2.2 PATCH - ingame crash related.

(2) Yes, it could be a conflict between the SWTOR patch and hardware since both systems are almost identically specced.

Whether this is due to SWTOR patch 2.2 and a hardware conflict as you suggest remains a possibility, and/or in conjunction with WIN XP or independent.

The hardware itself is in good running condition aside from not supporting SWTOR patch 2.2

OwenBrooks's Avatar

06.16.2013 , 04:21 AM | #6
In my opinion(experience) what you are describing with XP failing to reboot and require re-format, most times I have seen that behaviour occur including system crashes/ freezes when playing games had 2 most common causes.

1. Bad Ram
2. CPU overheat

Not to say it is your cause, I cant see your system so I have to draw on my knowledge of fixing that type of issue with those symptoms.

Jedi_wanabie's Avatar

06.16.2013 , 04:31 AM | #7
As I previously stated:

Both machines have been tested for many, many hours without SWTOR Patch 2.2 running without ANY Issues including other games etc...

Futhermore, I ran SWTOR PRIOR to patch 2.2 for many hour continuously without ANY problem...up to the day before the patch release!

So its unlikely its a hardware failure with 2 independent systems developing bad memory or CPU (with water cooling) the next day just after the SWTOR patch 2,2 installation, VS. a SWTOR patch 2.2 conflict with either other software or hardware.

Really, simultaneous hardware problems on two independent systems, not having systems crashes for 6 months including running SWTOR PRE-patch 2,2, then the patch 2.2 is installed the next morning and INGAME SWTOR crashes occur..

And both systems run for hours continuously without any problem, just so long as SWTOR patch 2.2 is not launched....

who suspects hardware failure vs. SWTOR patch 2,2 ??

OwenBrooks's Avatar

06.16.2013 , 04:41 AM | #8
Swtor maybe triggering the issue , but I doubt is the issue.

Do you see any other XP user saying they need to reformat their computers trying to play this game ?

Edit - try running this -

Jedi_wanabie's Avatar

06.16.2013 , 04:47 AM | #9
I doubt the changes in SWTOR patch 2.2 has raised the performance demands on the same settings in terms of CPU, graphic card or memory Vs. SWTOR patch 2.1 or before which has run without incident on both machines.

I have carefully tested both machines to eliminate any hardware component as a problem.

That is why I am posting here to see is other users are experiencing crashes since patch 2.2 and from what I have seen there are other people experiencing problems since installing patch 2.2, but I have not evaluated them to see what may be in common yet, I will only if Bioware does not do that soon. Bioware is in the best position to do so as they are receiving all of the reports, including mine.

OwenBrooks's Avatar

06.16.2013 , 04:50 AM | #10
The last time I saw issues on here with XP and a patch was the one where they couldn't login nothing recent I'm afraid