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Trooper_Akilis - PVP Video Guides

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Trooper_Akilis - PVP Video Guides

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05.27.2013 , 10:21 AM | #1
-= Trooper_Akilis =-

PVP Video Blog

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Hi Everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself to everyone and tell you a little about myself and what I plan to do with this thread. My name is Akilis, I played on Mask of Nihilus with my guild Business Casual, We are very active and PVP focus guild at the launch of SWTOR and quicly made a name for ourselves in Warzones as well as World PVP. Durring that time I provided the community with a bunch of pvp guides for Trooper Vanguards and other pvp related content. Then I stopped playing and so did most of our guild. Well I am back and I decided to UPDATE my video blog for beginners and experienced players to learn PVP mechanics unique to each map. I want to reiterate that I do not in any way think my spec or tips are for everyone. The great thing about PVP is that it is unique and different for each person. My goal of these videos will be to outline tips to use in each map, what specs work well in pvp, and what you could in a match to help your team win. So thank you to everyone who is already fallowing me on YouTube and Twitter and I hope that my videos help some of you get a better understanding on how to be successful in PVP and other aspects of the game. Below I will link all the videos as I upload them with links to each video. Thanks.

Updated PVP Videos

Level 55 Vanguard/Powertech PVP Guide: Updated Level 55 Vanguard PVP Build - Tactics Spec

Older PVP Videos

Ilum World PVP: Business Casual Guild PVP Night - Ilum

Alderaan PVP Guide : This video will show you how to use the map to you advantage and how to best defend Two gun batteries to ensure a victiry

The Void Star PVP Guide : This video will show you some unique aspects of The Void Start map and go over some tip on how to win on this map

Huttball PVP Guide : This is a guide to show you how to pass the hutball and how to you the troopers abilties to help win a Huttball match

PVE Videos

Drexel Sweep Space Mission: This video will shouw you some tips on how to pass this mission once you get it at level 40.
Akilis |Trooper Vangaurd | Officer of <Business Casual>

Fallow me on Twiiter @Trooper_Akilis

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05.27.2013 , 11:15 AM | #2
Watching the old Ilum vid ... how I miss it
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05.27.2013 , 12:19 PM | #3
Aww yes. Illum had some epic moments. Some new players may never get to experience that.,which sucks.
Akilis |Trooper Vangaurd | Officer of <Business Casual>

Fallow me on Twiiter @Trooper_Akilis