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Design failiure or disrespect - crew skill missions

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Design failiure or disrespect - crew skill missions

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06.21.2013 , 02:05 PM | #11
Here is my take on crafting in this game. Starting out I began playing this game back in March of last year and played it off and on. My previous MMOs where Aion, Rift, Tera, EQ2, COH/COV and Lineage II. So that gives me a pretty good idea on how its supposed to be done in an MMO. There is a clear disconnect how the players see the game and the devs see the game in terms of crafting.

First off its way harder than it should be at least for the lower levels when there are fewer companions. Believe me this is not a case of "I want it NOA!!!" because I have crafted epic weapons in Aion and anyone who has played that game knows how time consuming that can be. As it stands there is absolutely no reason to craft except for personal enjoyment and the infinite reuse consumables. There is little if any benefit stat wise to craft. The stats need to be significantly higher for epic gear to be, you know, epic.

Why is it broken? You can get comparable equipment while leveling from the commendations, at end game the best stuff is from raids and flash points which leaves crafters out in the cold. It takes companions too long to bring back mats and they arent even worth the time in most cases. Recipes are in all the wrong places. Everything related to a craft should stay with that craft. Yeah I get we need to trade stuff but with stuff being all over the place trade rarely happens. For instance it wasnt until yesterday that I realized that there were blue recipes for Artifice for crystals that give the power stat. I didnt see this recipe at all from treasure hunting. It was from investigation. Why is it there when the primary way to get the mats and recipes are in Treasure Hunting? It makes no freaking sense. Same goes with the augment recipes and mats being in slicing. I could go with the mats being a slicing only thing but the recipes need to stick to missions which match the craft better.

What else needs to be fixed is how you need mods for lightsabers and weapons. Mods should be craftable by the craft they go to, as well as enhancements. All of the weapons for arms tech that are wisdom/strength items need to be moved to artifice. Lower the minimum level for all orange/purple moddable gear. Make the armoring/hilt/barrel determine the level. Meaning we should be able to delevel all gear if we wanted. This would be great for HK-51 since if you get him is practically naked at lower levels.

Lastly what I would fix is the freaking gathering missions with the whole too many gift missions and not enough metals thing. Its highly annoying to have to switch zones/log off just to refresh the list. We are already facing a time penalty with waiting on the companion to come back but its even worse for once you add all the zone loading just to get the mission. Thats my $0.02 on crafting in this game.