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Tank theory/optimizer @

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05.25.2013 , 10:23 AM | #1
Hi fellow tanks! I realize there are vast resources online and existing threads/sites dedicated to providing guidance on this topic already, however, I've often felt too many generalizations were being used when numbers got referenced with a lack of hard math and bearing on in-game reality. So, after ample discussions with people in game, I thought it would be great to introduce a different approach to the problem to try and help everyone out.

Essentially, if we accurately model the tank game systems then provide a means to define all the possible individual class characteristics and in-game gear available, one can play with how decisions actually impact mitigation and survivability themselves without putting their trust in someone else's opinions. And thus the tank optimizer program was born, a tool to empower your choices.

Check it out if you like:

The program allows you to define all the various traits that make up a tank class, the boosts you get from specific talents, various perks from legacy or datacrons, biochem stims, class buffs, etc. Then you can fully outfit your character's gear with choices from all the top-end gear currently in game. With that, you can see how your tank statistics actually form up, where they fall on diminishing returns, how they resolve in mean mitigation formulas and time to live scenarios. Moreover, to give you a starting point, based on default talents and characteristics I've precomputed various optimal complete gear sets that achieve the highest numbers in various categories (ie: highest raw avoidance, highest endurance, etc) after processing every single gear variation possible. You can tweak things from one of these starting points, or build your own from scratch by starting with an empty set.

No more guessing, no more trusting someone else's opinions, now you're in full control of the way you gear and know the numbers behind it. I certainly hope you enjoy it and find it useful. Please share your comments/thoughts or bugs (gasp) so we can make it even better!
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