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Community Round-Up: May 2nd, 2013

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Community Round-Up: May 2nd, 2013
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

Selethar's Avatar

05.02.2013 , 05:04 PM | #11
•Learn more about the FURocious Cathar in SWTOR Face’s Q&A with Cory Butler.
I got a hit from my AV about Black Hole kit on this site. Yay for bad links?

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05.02.2013 , 05:06 PM | #12
Fixing the issue that prevents us from buying Cartel Coins and especially removing the silly purchase limit.

Zergnaut's Avatar

05.02.2013 , 05:53 PM | #13
Looks like they forgot to include "Show sith Corruption" option in the character kiosk. This will upset a lot of a people who change to a pureblood get it the way they like the find out they are white or pink lol
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05.02.2013 , 05:54 PM | #14
Quote: Originally Posted by Chickensevil View Post
wait two months and then you can? Its called saving your allowance. I know it can be tough... but you can do it. I have faith in you.
Thanks man.... I needed that.... I just, overreacted, ya know....
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05.03.2013 , 01:11 AM | #15
WHat server are these being held in these events? alll of them?

HotStuff_SW's Avatar

05.03.2013 , 06:44 AM | #16
Quote: Originally Posted by Selethar View Post
I got a hit from my AV about Black Hole kit on this site. Yay for bad links?
Same here. Browse with caution, my friends.

misereor's Avatar

05.03.2013 , 08:25 AM | #17
Oh lookie. New race, new looks, new events.

To sum up:
Don't give a rats ***. When do we get paid charcter transfers?
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Liwilliams's Avatar

05.03.2013 , 09:10 AM | #18
So no player events on the Harbringer? It's something Aion's dev's used to do for the player community, and it was so fun. It didn't have to be anything spectacular, just... /shrug, something to bring people together just for the sake of having fun.

Natius's Avatar

05.04.2013 , 11:04 PM | #19
when does season ranked warzoning take place? We have been in pre-season for over a year.

Chickensevil's Avatar

05.05.2013 , 06:01 PM | #20
Quote: Originally Posted by HotStuff_SW View Post
Same here. Browse with caution, my friends.
Sometimes that will flag with false positives. So it doesn't necessarily have to be hosting an exploit kit, it could just be suspicious advertisement code.

On that note, do yourself a favor and download an ad-block program. This will help to fix most any of those drive-by advertisements that would be causing these issues.
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