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Give more credits to the dps

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Give more credits to the dps

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04.19.2013 , 03:24 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Jilisipone View Post
DPS that immediately start focus firing the gold mob to kill them first are making the pulls much harder than they need to be. First off they are making the tank work 2x as hard to hold agro while they are also trying to grab "stragglers". Second off, they are causing everyone to take more damage overall by not killing the quick mobs first.
This. This right here.

Also, unfortunately a lot of DPS players get tunnel vision and just focus on the mobs ahead and around them, ignoring any sort of kill order and totally oblivious to what goes around them. Also, a lot of them seem to get some strange satisfaction from being able to steal aggro away from the tank.

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04.19.2013 , 03:30 PM | #22
OP, as a healer, I want to group with you.

Seriously though, there is nothing more annoying for me as a healer than having a whole bunch of mobs beating on me and no one doing anything about it. Ideally the tank would pull adds off, but if they can't for whatever reason (there are plenty of valid ones), then in my opinion DPS should focus fire on those adds. I'd much rather be healing the DPS than myself.

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04.19.2013 , 03:38 PM | #23
OP wants a medal for grouping with bad players.
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04.19.2013 , 03:43 PM | #24
Quote: Originally Posted by Deluxe_ View Post
Also, a lot of them seem to get some strange satisfaction from being able to steal aggro away from the tank.
I'll admit I enjoy "fighting" for aggro with Tanks or other DPS. It makes me fuzzy inside when I pull out ahead.

That said trash pulls don't count (tanks have their attention divided amongst the mobs) and I never try to if pulling aggro could kill everyone. Going all-out and pulling aggro on The Writing Horror for instance is very bad.

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04.19.2013 , 06:28 PM | #25
Quote: Originally Posted by walogen View Post
Don't get me wrong, granted there are dps(es) that are beyond salvation, I'm not arguing that.

I started this game as a sorcs heal, then guardian tank, then scoundrel heal, then shadow tank/dps.
Of course there were many alts in between, those I mentioned above are the one I get them to 50 and actually into hm ops.

Now the situation is:
I'm leveling a sniper, we were on mandalorain raiders fp.
The tank just leaped in and focused on one target(usually gold). The other dps followed. Result was lots of silver mobs were on the heal. So I hit those mobs and had them focused on me instead of the healer.

In the end, the tank and heal mainly blamed the other dps for pulling groups they planned to skip (which he did), and the healer just thanked the tank for 'awesome tanking'. And the tank claimed that if the other dps had focused on what he was hitting, things should be easier.(He was just trying to blame on the culprit that didn't know how to skip, the other dps was always on the tank's target, I was the one pulling other mobs on the healer to me).

My thought is, it's easier to heal two or even three targets, as long as the group of mobs is off the healer. As a dps I always try check if any mobs on the healer, sometime i even waited few seconds for the tank to pull them off, but if it didn't happen, I will hit them and have them on me rather than the heal.

I think i'm doing the right thing (ergo the title), but if anyone think I'm wrong, I'm open to suggestion.
You can usually pick out the good DPS-es a few flashpoints before that already. Remember the Beast of Vodal Kressh on Athiss?
1. At the start of this encounter, there's a mob standing right in front of the beast. That mob just happens to be a healer. Healing mobs are high priority targets incase some people never figured that out..
A sniper or gunslinger can take it down with one good crit shot. (they have an ability to get a guaranteed crit on one of their higher damage attacks, an operative or scoundrel could still use that same attack and gamble for a crit, or not crit and then finish it off with their default attack using only 1-2 shots).
For some reason, when I'm on my healer, I found it better to not take my chances on a DPS killing it, and just kill that mob myself. Simply because most dps-ers have a tendency to run past it and go for the beast instead.

2. There are lots of other mobs around the Beast, and plenty more will come in later. You can basically see a healer as an AOE aggro magnet. Heal 1 partymember, and the healer generates aggro with all mobs involved in the fight.
Once those mobs are on the healer, the healer has basically 3 options. Kill the mobs, heal him or herself, or die in a matter of seconds. None of these options will involve healing the tank. Dead tank is dead party. healer. The healer shouldn't be fighting, at best chip in on the fighting during moments that nobody really needs any healing. But when people need healing, the healer has to be free to heal, and not be forced to fight the mobs instead.
All classes have an AOE of sorts at that stage. Some more than others, but you need it there to keep the mobs away from the healer. Toss a few grenades, unload some rockets, lay an artilllery barrage, it doesn't matter, but keep those mobs away from the healer. It's easier for the healer to keep someone else alive than it is to keep him- or herself alive.

3. Positioning. This is the first fight where positioning is important. Positioning is the TANKS' job. The beast will try to kick you around with his long range knockback, so position yourself in a place where it can't knock you too far. For example, with your back against a wall. If the beast moves around and tries to flank you, reposition yourself so you're right between the wall and the beast again. If you don't, you'll get knocked away some 50-80 meters, far out of range of the healer, and won't get healed. It's as simple as that. In addition, your entire group and all the mobs will get spread all over the place, causing a very chaotic fight where you aren't in control. And finally, the chances of landing in a group of mobs that wasn't aggroed is pretty high when you get knocked such a distance into a random direction. Control the fight by positioning right.

Yes, I've done that fight a dozen times on almost all my characters. Tanks, healers and DPS. It's a piece of cake if you know the basics of encounters and know your role. It's a mess if you don't. But this is the first fight in game where alts from high-end guild players pick the most capable players, that they will want to group with in the future. A tank from one trip, DPS from another, ran into a nice healer there as well, and you have some players networking to do more instances together in the future, perhaps even invite to their raid guild once they hit 50.

Mess it up, don't listen to advice, bigmouth them, and you'll find yourself on their ignore list. Even if you do improve and become awesome overtime, they won't see your looking for guild message in general chat, because you're still on their ignorelist.
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04.19.2013 , 07:52 PM | #26
I think alot of people give credit to dps who take the role of healer guards. Just most the time its a silent nod in your direction.
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