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Artifice Rakata Relics and Tanking

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Artifice Rakata Relics and Tanking

leeayres's Avatar

04.05.2013 , 06:22 PM | #1
I just reached lvl 400 artifice and got the Rakata Relic schematics. Which ones should I use if i tank? I see that the power and crit/surge relics have more endurance than the def and shield/absord ones. Which is more important in ops, the endurance increase or the tanky clickable?

Draqsko's Avatar

04.05.2013 , 09:39 PM | #2
Not even worth crafting them, just do dailies and get the campaign or dreadguard relics for daily comms.. or wait for 2.0 and get them with BH comms. If you do all the dailies (Belsavis, Section X, Black Hole) plus the hard mode flashpoint daily and weekly, you can get them pretty fast and it's alot better than Rakata relics.

Yeah, it's a bummer about artifice, after hitting the level cap, there is nothing worth crafting unless you can get the 26 or 27 grade enhancements and hilts RE'd.

PS. You want the campaign or dreadguard on-proc shield relic, and then one of the tanky clicky relics (whichever one you have less rating in, shield or defense, so it covers your weak points).