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To Synth or not to Synth

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To Synth or not to Synth

Siikozu's Avatar

04.05.2013 , 08:46 AM | #1
Hi there,

I'm pretty new to the game only been playing about 2 weeks. I have a lvl 27 sorc and I'm wondering about crew skills. I'm currently working on Synth/UT/Arch, but reading around the forums I'm wondering if maybe i should reconsider synthweaving? When i picked it up I expected that i would be able to make myself fairly decent gear, and hopefully some nice end game stuff, but I am finding that everything is upgraded rather quickly running flashpoints, and at 31 modded gear options thru the cartel become viable options to consider so i'm concerned that I am wasting my time and money. Any insight, comments, recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

I guess I should add that i think artifice might be a better choice if I were to stick with crafting? Maybe biochem? Not sure, but otherwise I'm considering just grabbing 3 gathering professions. Whatcha think?

JymmyMorison's Avatar

04.05.2013 , 09:11 AM | #2
for leveling synth is good but after you reach 50 and crasft your rakata bracers and belt it become one of the most useless skills imaginable (i droped it last month and went to biochem on my main who had that skill just in case) since there is nothing else then those two things you can craft you cant even craft any decent looking moddable gear aswell

Atramar's Avatar

04.05.2013 , 09:58 AM | #3
Cyber is better for leveling, pick up moddable gear and stay same nice look. Doing green mods/armorings for your self and companion.
Synth is good for alt, to make mk-6 kits (and some augments like str/willpower/defense).
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04.05.2013 , 10:13 AM | #4
One of my first toons was a Synthweaver and yes, after the rakata pieces the ability becomes pretty worthless other than making a few things for alts. I'm really hoping 2.0 brings a whole new slew of patterns and things to learn as we level to 55 with new "end game" craftable gear.

kopalame's Avatar

04.05.2013 , 10:29 AM | #5
Synth can craft some of the basic gear in 2.0 such as belt and bracers.

psandak's Avatar

04.05.2013 , 11:00 AM | #6
It really all depends on how you play...

If you play mostly solo with the occasional flashpoint then working synthweaving to be slightly ahead of your level will generate a lot of great upgrades that will last a while, but doing so may leave you a little credit starved because you have to do missions to get the materials you need.

If you participate in more group content (planet heroic missions and flashpoints), then you will get a lot more orange quality moddable gear which will usually be better than what you can craft (there will be exceptions but they will not last long).

I have done both styles. On my JK guardian I had synth/arch/ut and because the server was a ghost town (prior to server transfers and group finder), I was basically forced to level solo - flashpoints and heroic missions were rare at best - so when I hit 50 almost all my gear was purple crafted and it was on par with tionese. On my smuggler I had armormech/scav/slicing and fed him metals using my JK's UT. I leveled him post server transfers and group finder so I was able to run a lot more flashpoints. The only items I crafted for him were bracers and belts.

So, if you solo more than group, armor crafting that suits your class is a good idea. if you group a lot then armor crafting is not as good.

buxstop's Avatar

04.06.2013 , 09:57 PM | #7
All of the cheap mod able gear on the market has made synthweaving nearly useless. The only redeeming feature, at this point, is the ability to make augments. Otherwise you get all of the gear you need for leveling from FP's, the market and random drops. If you still aren't happy with that, join an active guild and be active. Most guiltiest are more than happy to hare their wares.