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Strong PVPer looking for guild Jedi Covenant

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Strong PVPer looking for guild Jedi Covenant

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03.30.2013 , 11:56 PM | #1
I have reached level 50 on my Powertech and gotten him half geared in War Hero (saving rest of comms for 2.0) and can get top dps in match it seems about half the time even when i was in recruit gear. play objectives very well also. I am looking for a PVP oriented guild that has PVP teams running almost every night with premades for 50 and has a ranked team as well. Mumble or vent or teamspeak is a must. Please let me know if any guilds that meet such requirements are recruiting. Hate losing in pugs and prefer to run premades.
Cinerous Cinerjizz and Versace
Probably on whatever server 4s pop on
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