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unlock Twi'lek for Imperial agent?

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unlock Twi'lek for Imperial agent?

MystBecky's Avatar

03.28.2013 , 05:33 PM | #1
I unlocked the Twi'lek with Cartel $$ as I understood this to be the process if I wanted one as my Imperial agent. Yes I have level 10 legacy. This didn't work to unlock Twi'lek as my character of choice. What am I missing?????

Thank you

JMCH's Avatar

03.28.2013 , 07:46 PM | #2
I'm pretty sure you didn't check your CM interface lately, there's probably an awaiting "Twi'lek unlock" there... It's really not intuitive.

Before taking it, go check the GTN if there are not some others, so that you can keep your 600cc by returning the unlock you purchased.