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Khem's self healing question.

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Khem's self healing question.

Joefjr's Avatar

03.25.2013 , 03:06 AM | #1
Both of Khems self healing skills

His tank stance that's lets him regen when he lands a killing blow and consume essence, what stats are they based on?
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XNimrodX's Avatar

03.25.2013 , 03:59 AM | #2
I'm not completely sure, but my best guess would be his Force bonus healing or a percentage of damage from a force attack.

Megansar's Avatar

03.26.2013 , 07:19 AM | #3
i would say its based on your level as he never does consume much health form a fallen enemy and the best way for them to prevent him from healing to much or to little would be to make it base on his skill level which comes from your characters level.