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More Philosophy

timmyw's Avatar

03.18.2013 , 03:54 AM | #1
Hey guys,

I have recently started playing again, leveling another character. I really like the leveling experience in SWTOR, which is a first me in MMOs. This post is mainly about the force using side of things.

I always felt there was something missing. I have posted suggestions before which might be similar to this but I really wanted to try while it was fresh in my mind.

1) More Philosphy - I think there should have been more Light vs. Dark in SWTOR. It seemed more Empire vs Republic for most of it. That is fine for the classes like bounty hunter and trooper but I feel it should really have been a bit different for the force using classes.

I was looking forward to more philosophy and discussion about the force while leveling. Instead it's really just through conversation options that you get dark and light side consequences. I really believe that could have been handled a bit better. I'm not saying it's bad by a long shot by the way. I really enjoyed the leveling experience. I just think that extra mile in relation to light vs dark could have made it really special.

2) Quests for force users - Well, I can give one example right away. Light Saber acquisition. When I received mine while leveling this time around it really hit me how lame it was. I felt that it would have been better if we had to actually go and get a crystal plus other parts and attune it to ourselves as happens in Star Wars lore. At the point of acquiring your personal crystal you get to chose what colour it is, or perhaps make one of your own with a colour palette.

I realise the personalisation argument has been rehashed to death but I thought here it was poignant, as all Sith and Jedi have to go through this to make their iconic weapon. And I am really disappointed something like this wasn't implemented.

The force is what stands star wars apart from all other sci-fi worlds and I really think it should have been concentrated on and expanded a bit more. Perhaps n the future?

AlrikFassbauer's Avatar

03.19.2013 , 08:43 AM | #2
More Philosophy ? In an action game ?

To put it rather cynically, people would feel bored to death by this.

Unfortunately we live in an "Age Of Action [Games]", in which every single "slow-down" element, or elements which require REAL THINKING, such as in-game riddles, becomes effectively eradicated as if it was an unhealthy plague which could result in parents sueing the "big companies" ...

There's a reason why Germany is the last country with a really working RL market for adventure games, and not the U.S. , for example.

The U.S. , however, appears to be the source of everything that's called "shooter games",
games, in which fast reaction is king. Not something ominous called "thinking".

There's be a ... "storm" of players if things like riddles and abstract concept like "Philosophy" were implemented.

Violence, yes, Philosophy : No ! - This is the current motto of the "game industry" ! And too many like it that way !

As much as I'd LOVE to see more Philosophy like you described it in SWTOR - I don't believe that we'll ever see that coming. Forget it. SWTOR is an ACTION game, and it will always be so, alas !